The Metaphysics of Kambo

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KAMBO: Reconnecting to Our Free and Fearless Nature

The medicine of Kambo comes from the venom of the poisonous tree frog ‘Phyllomedusa Bicolor’ or ‘Giant Monkey frog,’ a creature that has no inherent enemies in nature due to its powerful venom — and herein lies the source of Kambo’s magic—its ability to empower and heal the human system to “superhuman” levels, stems from its coming from an animal with no fear in its experiential field!  So with a connection to the frog’s fearlessness, it enables us to break through any impediments in our way to achieving our most optimal functioning in all areas — body, mind, and spirit.

Fear, being related to our basic survival instinct, is neither “good,” nor “bad,” of course, but when it oversteps its bounds and becomes a predominant filter through which we live, it can stagnate growth, impede our zeal for adventure, curiosity, and change, and lead us further from our true nature as free and eternally expansive beings — disconnecting us from the creativity, joy, and connection inherent in every moment.  But, by connecting with the powerful energy of Kambo, we have the opportunity to more fully remember our essential nature as infinitely wise and powerful beings, brimming with vitality and passion for life.

In nearly all accounts of work with, and research of, Kambo, there is mention of the medicine’s ability to deepen our connection to our intuition, and to quiet the mind of “mental chatter.”  For as it lifts the fog of self-doubt and fear, we have the opportunity to reacquaint ourselves to our true, innate genius.  We find that we don’t have to intellectually analyze and plan so much about how to approach life; we no longer have to be constantly abuzz with the “mental chatter,” or the voices of everyone else— the opinions of our friends and family, the latest diet trends, the newest psychological and scientific findings, pretty much, everyone else’s expertise — as we more clearly remember that we are the experts of our experiences, our bodies, our life paths and destinies.  We remember that innately, we know what we want, we know where we are going, and we know how to get there…

Another tremendous gift of Kambo is that we reconnect to the profound brilliance of our body’s self-healing potential — and because it is an intuitive knowing, i.e. no thought necessary — we immediately see the body go into rapid restoration, regeneration, and rejuvenation.  It helps bypass blockages to self-healing created by the illusion of our societal fear programming — the bombardment on all sides by the impressions of having to be dependant on other people, institutions, or systems, for our well-being, growth, and learning.  Rather, it restores our knowing of the symbiotic relationship to, and inter-relational experience with, all other beings and entities of this manifest universe, while simultaneously grounding us with our own autonomy and self-sufficiency.  And so, we see organically opening up in our lives, the support we need from our environment and other people, and the information that we seek for guidance on the next step on our unique journeys, that is completely in line with the way we want to heal, and the direction we want to go.  Thus, our approach to life naturally becomes lighter and brighter, and we see ourselves moving forth with renewed inspiration and vigor, less weighed down by even the subtler fear manifestations of self-doubt, anxiety, hopelessness, apathy, feeling lost and directionless, and so forth.  And we become more readily able to trust in the flow of the universe.  This might give us insight as to why one of its traditional uses is as a natural “performance enhancer” for the hunters of the tribes — heightening and improving all the senses; decreasing the human scent; optimizing strength, speed, agility, and endurance; as well as quieting the analytical filter so that one may act more intuitively and from inspired action.  After all, a hunter’s greatest asset is to be free of thought, for rather than thinking, “hmmm… there is the prey, should I target here or there?” the great hunter acts instinctively in alignment to his own brilliant, natural human technology.

Redemptively, we human beings are extensions of this very planet — a planet of infinite abundance and support — so for any ailment we suffer, there is an antidote, a cure.  And as an expression of the benevolence of this planet, Mother Earth provides for her children everything we need, including healing on the level of consciousness and identity — i.e. when we have forgotten the magnificence and magnitude of our human existence, or we have lost touch with the power of the human spirit.  The fact that the majority of our society identifies synthetic and pharmaceutical derivatives as the primary sources of our care (as well as sustenance), is a strong indicator of our mass disconnect from our true identity as natural creatures, as extensions of Mother Earth.  This is not to say that synthetic derivatives do not play their part, but it is to say that synthetic derivatives are not a complete match to natural beings, who on the organic level, whether consciously or unconsciously, seek the power and efficacy of Mother Earth’s care, healing, and nourishment.  But we can rest assured that even for extreme levels of disconnect, Mother Earth has provided equally extreme antidotes…

Kambo is one of the most powerful medicines in the world, and is one of the many amazing gifts of the Amazon jungle. To state this medicine’s powerful potential in a nutshell:

Kambo empowers our ability to act upon our internal guidance system, our inner compassdeepening our connection to the heart, and reclaiming the power of the human spirit.

For “wholeness” or “completeness” to be achieved within our being, we must unite the Yin and Yang — the divine feminine and masculine energies inherent in all things in manifest existence.  So beyond just hearing and recognizing our inner voice (Yin), Kambo helps us to put into practice what we hear (Yang) — presenting the opportunity to not only receive the theory, but also to bring it to manifestation, to live it.

Unlike some of the Amazon’s more well known medicines, such as Ayahuasca and San Pedro, Kambo is a non-psychoactive, and is completely legal in our country.  In my experience with entheogenic medicines, I have received profound life changing guidance, healing, visions, and blessings.  And in my work with Kambo medicine, I have found the same gifts, but for me, the distinction between the two is this:

master plants work through the realm of consciousness, while Kambo works through the realm of embodiment.

Both of these teachers/healers help us deepen our connection to our true nature as eternally free, wise, and powerful beings, but they work from the opposite ends of our nature.  It is important to note here, however, that by “opposite” I mean different sides of the same coin — two seemingly differing aspects of one complete whole. And because of the interconnectedness of all things, practitioners of these medicines will see that the healing of master plants will extend from the realm of consciousness to bring healing to the physical body, and Kambo will extend from the healing of the physical body to bring a deeper connection to conscious awareness.

To speak on the general distinctions of these medicines, is simply to celebrate the fact that all medicines, and all presences in this world for that matter, have their unique and powerful gifts to bestow.  Personally, I feel that I have been specifically called to work with this medicine because of my decades of falling to the guidance of my intellect, while neglecting the all too telltale signs being broadcasted by my body and intuition.  Kambo has bestowed the immense gift of helping me reconnect to my own creative intelligence of intuitive sensitivity.  For prior to working with Kambo, I had viewed my sensitivity as a curse, so much so that I had spent years saturated in alcoholism and substance abuse in an attempt to drown out my inner voice.  I am grateful beyond words for being gifted this medicine on my path, grateful that I have been given this opportunity to be so deeply connected with my spiritual gifts, and even as life presents its challenges, I am grateful that I can remain grounded in the knowledge of what I am here to share.  For through Kambo’s work in the realm of embodiment, it allows us to feel physically stronger, which in turn fuels our determination, perseverance, and courage to be mentally and emotionally stronger as well, so that we might find the strength to work with this clarity and connection in all areas of our life.

And as we are extensions of this planet, we can also know that we are eternally supported and guided.  Mother Earth has provided this powerful medicine of Kambo for the opportunity to revitalize our bodies to their full, natural potential, as it wakes up the body’s organs, endocrine system, and defense systems to their optimal functions.  Kambo brings a state of clarity, a more positive outlook on life, enhanced strength and endurance, an improved capacity to concentrate and focus, a deepened sense of connection to one’s body, and a quieter mind with a stronger sense of inner peace and stillness.  But what is happening on the energetic level is a reboot — creating a pause or a space from habitual patterns of physical, mental, or emotional behavior that is keeping us in low vibrational resonance, and making us a vibrational match to situations of injury, dis-ease (physical, mental, emotional), or even ill luck and misfortune.  And herein opens the space and opportunity for us to change something, to create a new paradigm of being, thinking, and behaving that is in alignment with our soul’s intention, and thus is in high vibrational resonance with life.

In my work with Kambo, I have encountered people from various walks of life, with varying experiences with shamanic medicines, and with an expansive range of physical conditions, but the common thread I have seen through all participants is a desire to be more fully awake and more fully present to their own gifts and life’s highest potential.  And I see this as our collective, innate desire to live in deep soul-resonance with our own soul intentions for this lifetime.  I notice that some people are even timid about declaring this — that they want to live their most optimal, and step up each day with clarity, strength, vitality, and fearlessness.  Fortunately, owing to our inherent connection to this life-abounding blue-green planet, we will always have everything we need to not only survive, but to thrive in abundance, health, and connection.

Through these reflections, my aim is to elucidate what the existence of such a medicine implies about our world — that we don’t have to do this alone, and we were never meant to.  And I see that we are emerging into the dawn of a new beginning for our collective humanity… For far too long, the powers that be have led us to fear our spiritual identity, leading us to live our lives based on pre-existing programs and pre-determined life paths, but today we are on the verge of breaking out of this old paradigm of fear and control, today we are on the verge of freeing the power of the human spirit…

Blessings on your most powerful journey.



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