Preparing for your Kambo Ceremony

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Below are some suggestions you might consider in preparation for your Kambo ceremony:

  • Self-Care: create an intention to focus on authentic self-nourishment—get plenty of rest and leisure where and when you can, eat delicious, nutritious foods, be around good vibes and caring people, get fresh air.  These activities not only make us feel our best on the day-to-day, but specific to our Kambo preparation, it will help the body feel a trusting connection to our intentions, and it will feel more open to receive the work before us no matter how fearful or nervous we may be about the upcoming process.
  • Journal: I find it extremely helpful to jot down where I find myself today.  Dare to let yourself go on a “stream of consciousness” writing frenzy, and allow what comes up to surprise you.
  • Observe a dieta anywhere from 3 to 7 days prior to ceremony: I often find a short, concise duration can lead to more focused work.  More info below




  • ALL processed foods, and avoid pre-made foods as much as possible
  • ALL SUGAR (raw honey and maple syrup in moderation okay)
  • ALL SALT (as it is a RETAINER)
  • Dairy
  • Red meat, pork
  • FRIED foods
  • Caffeine/stimulants, alcohol, and cannabis (unless you’re taking CBD for a specific situaiton)
  • Also, reduce meat intake to wild caught, fresh fish, and organic, free-range chicken (eaten sparingly) if it calls to you, or consider removing meat altogether for this short period, if you can.
  • And if you are inspired to observe the dieta to its full effect: also cut out sexual activity, including self-pleasuring
  • Finally, see if you can finish eating for the day at least 3 hours before going to bed



For most first time participants, expect to be very fatigued and sleepy.  Although our actual process time may only be between a few minutes to 20 minutes, we acknowledge that we are connecting with a VENOM, which activates the body’s defenses to a state of survival, accelerating all functions to their optimal—super awesome, but also super tiring… Generally, right after a treatment, the participant will want to lie down and rest, often falling into the depths of sleep anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple hours, and perhaps even wanting to bed down early that night!

Every time we approach Kambo, it is like the first time.  Since the medicine connects with us in the NOW, we cannot predict what it will do.  So best to keep our minds, bodies, and schedules open to our unique process.

After ceremony, about 99% of peoples have no problem getting home on their own, but quite often we will want to go to bed, sometimes right away.  Or, if you’re feeling very alert and clear, great time to go out to a natural setting for a light walk and/or take time to bask in the glory of nature.  Stay open to do what inspires you.  Whatever one’s personal effect, I suggest avoiding television and other highly stimulating activites (e.g. social media, movies, shopping, crowded venues, parties, etc.), and making room for listening to your inner voice and guidance.  The following day, one will generally wake-up feeling quite refreshed and revitalized, in some cases, however, participants will still feel the detox effects from the treatment, feeling a bit like a light detox hangover.  Rest, stay hydrated, and eat with nourishing intention, and you will feel like a million bucks the next morning.




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