May & June 2019 Ceremonies


This is a private invitation and is to remain confidential. Please do not forward this email. If you feel called to refer someone, please send me a private email, and do not provide my contact information within this context.


Happy Beltane greetings Soul Family!

At the beginning of May, we reached the seasonal transition of Beltane, celebrated for centuries by the Celts and Gaels to commemorate the peak of Spring, and the transition into Summer.  It is a time to honor fertility, the element of fire, and the energy of abundance.  I hope this Beltane season has met you with beautiful shifts and new adventures.  And with this new seasonal transition, I am super excited to announce that our growing healing collective is expanding to offer work with the plant medicine tradition of the Shipibo-Conibo from the Peruvian Amazon—this ceremony is scheduled to take place over the Summer Solstice weekend.

We are also offering a medicine ceremony with the Spirit of the Mushroom this month, as well as a 2-day Kambo inoculation ceremony in early June.  Below is an overview of ceremony dates for the next 2 months (with more details on each to follow):


  • MAY 25th & 26th (Saturday & Sunday): a ceremony presided over by the Spirit of the Mushroom (psilocybe cubensis); this ceremony will be guided by Oka Kaya and honorable medicine guests


  • JUNE 8th & 9th (Saturday & Sunday): 2-Day Kambo Inoculation Ceremony; these ceremony spaces will be held by Oka Kaya
  • JUNE 21st – 23rd (Friday – Sunday): a ceremony presided over by Grandmother in the plant medicine tradition of the Shipibo-Conibo from the Peruvian Amazon; this ceremony will be guided by Biri Yakata (Natasha Kivak), and her guardian team


It is the intention of our community to provide support for those who are cultivating a more conscious and illumined way of life—a life characterized by a deep connection to one’s authentic nature, and a heartfelt connection to the human experience.  Work with master plant spirits provide opportunities for tapping into deeper conscious awareness of who we are and what we are doing here, by assisting in going beyond limiting belief systems, traumas, and programmed perspectives; HOWEVER, they do this by leading us DIRECTLY TO and INTO our issues—that we can work directly to heal our issues at their root.  Deep healing and reconnection are gifts that the master plant medicines offer to us through profound meditative reflection, contemplation, and the vision of universal consciousness.  And as we see through our soul’s vision, we can better understand our human experience and existence.  But because these medicines work to illumine blockages on the heart and the emotional body, one must be prepared for deep self-inquiry, reflection, and healing—which means revisiting very painful experiences, often long buried due to their severity.


MUSHROOM MEDICINE embodies the energy of the Divine Child—reminding us of our true nature as joy, and our oneness to Spirit, each other, and the universe.  The Spirit of the Mushroom reminds us of the foundational root of human life—that we are ultimately one organism, reflected through unique, individual points of expression.  Working with this medicine within a ceremonial setting can powerfully reconnect us to the healing potentials of community and the truth of our oneness, so that as you travel through the deeper layers of yourself, you can know that you do not do this alone, and that you were never meant to.

This ceremony will be held in the Long Beach area

Energetic Exchange: $175

The powerful MEDICINE OF KAMBO is derived from the venom of the poisonous tree frog, Phyllomedusa Bicolor, and provides the opportunity to revitalize the body to its full, natural potential, as it wakes up the body’s organs, endocrine system, and defense systems to their optimal functions.  Some of Kambo’s effects are a state of clarity, a more positive outlook on life, enhanced strength and endurance, improved capacity to concentrate and focus, a deepened sense of connection to one’s body, and a quieter mind with a stronger sense of inner peace and stillness.  After all, the tribes primarily used it for defeating illness, but also to strengthen their hunters before a big hunt, as it acts as a performance enhancer—heightening and improving all the senses; decreasing the human scent; optimizing strength, speed, agility, and endurance; as well as quieting the mental chatter so that one may act more intuitively and from inspired action.

These ceremony dates will be held in the Long Beach area

Energetic Exchange: $125/1-day; $240/2-day

My work with GRANDMOTHER, a plant medicine of the Shipibo-Conibo tradition, has been profoundly transformative, and has specifically helped me to transition deeper into a way of life that is more authentically connected to my heart’s deepest purpose for life, as well as helping me develop a richer connection with human consciousness & experience, and a closer bond with nature & Spirit.  This medicine ceremony is planned to coincide with the Summer Solstice, creating an auspicious opportunity to solidly root to projects & shifts that have been begun in Springtime to grow and mature in the Summer months.

To be eligible to participate in this ceremony, you must first be cleared and approved by both myself (Oka Kaya) and Natasha (Biri Yakata).

This ceremony will be held in the Los Angeles/Long Beach area

Energetic Exchange: $280/1 night; $500/2 nights

If you are considering participating in any of these ceremonies,



Some of you may be familiar with the protocol for refraining from Cannabis before working with specific plant medicines (Padre, Madre), however, the Spirit of the Mushroom is much more flexible, and thus the appeal for many—especially those who are struggling with cannabis dependency.  And although those working with cannabis will still feel the effects of this medicine, I can tell you first hand—the stronger your preparations and offerings will be reflected in your ceremony.  However, if cannabis is an issue for you, the mushroom ceremony space will receive you, and may actually be very beneficial to breaking the cycle of dependency.  Otherwise, the dietary protocol is to refrain from work with cannabis for 7-10 days prior to ceremony—for work with Madre and Padre, this is a MUST.

Additionally, it is important to fully adhere to the medical clearance protocol, and to provide a FULL MEDICAL DISCLOSURE—this further goes to protect you, myself & others, as well as the sacred medicines.  If you are currently working with any of the conditions below, it does not automatically prevent you from participating, but it is of utmost importance to discuss your current situation with your guides so that we can create options for your ceremony.



One needs to be off certain types of medications 15-30 days prior to ceremony.  These medications include: antidepressants (MAO inhibitors, serotonin re-uptake inhibitors), antihistamines, painkillers, tranquilizers, all stimulants including orally taken nasal decongestants, diet pills, medications for ADD& ADHD, most prescriptions meds and some over-the-counter meds as well.  Ulcers, certain heart, liver, psychiatric conditions and epilepsy present real danger in the context of the work. If you are taking any of the above mentioned, other prescription based medications, have experienced health conditions listed below, or other serious health issues (including suicidal ideation), please let me know before committing to the dates. We will then discuss what is possible and the best road for your work.  

Please let me know if you are or have been taking anti-depressants within the last year and/or if you have ever been hospitalized for psychiatric problems.  And furthermore for the following conditions:

  • If you have any liver issues
  • If you have or have had epilepsy or experienced epileptic seizures
  • If you have or have had ulcers, IBS or other stomach aliments
  • If you have ever had heart complications or extreme low blood pressure
  • And if you are or think you are pregnant

And for those sisters holding space for their sacred moon period (menstrual cycle), please let me know through email so that we can take specific remedial measures for protection of you and our circle during your important time.



Once your space is confirmed, please send a 50% deposit to reserve your seat—the remainder to be paid in cash upon arrival on your first ceremony day.  You can go directly to the PayPay link here:


Please note, the ADDRESS and final instructions will be sent out a few days before our ceremony to those who will be attending.  And again, please honor the confidentiality of this work, including the names of the hosts as well as participants, protecting our sacred circle and spirit of the plant medicine.


Through this work we empower our connection to Spirit, and to our Humanity—offering our prayers will renewed clarity, vigor, and faith.  For alignment gatherings of this kind are essentially a returning to our original nature as infinite joy, power, and universal wisdom.  On behalf of myself and our guests, it is a great honor to hold the space of this powerful work, and we are in such gratitude for your trust and openness.  We look forward to deepening our connection through our journey together.

Sending love and blessings,

Jane Oka Kaya Shin


Live Free.

For some interesting resources, I highly recommend checking out the links below:

Gabor Mate: Inside the Psychedelic Experience

LA Times on Mushroom Medicine

If you have any questions, or to discuss whether these medicines might be a good fit for you, or to reserve a spot, please email me


Natasha Kivak.jpg

About Natasha Kivak

Natasha has had the privilege to study traditional Amazonian shamanism for 7 years now, having been trained extensively in the indigenous Shipibo-Conibo lineage with legendary curandero maestro Kestembetsa, studying under, and working closely with maestros and maestras: Maria Valera, Walter Martinez Guimaray, Arturo Izquierdo, Olivia Arevalo, as well as most recently with renowned Shipibo maestro Pascual Mahua Ochavano.

Her work is carried with integrity, dedication and deep respect to whatever story brought you to the medicine and this tradition. The foundation of her medicinal practice is a feminine wisdom of love, compassion and empowerment. The medicine name given to her at the completion of her 15 month long initiation training in Peru is Biri Yakata, which means “grounded, steady light.”

Events that Natasha is leading are authentic shamanic ceremonies targeted for small groups—people with the focus on deep, individual work in shipibo vegetalismo tradition. These are not large-scale celebratory gatherings. Cannabis or other recreational substances are not used in the ceremonial space.


Jane at KFBell.JPG

About Jane Oka Kaya Shin

Jane is a spiritual guide sharing from the teachings of Yoga, Zen, Vedic Astrology, and Tantra, and specializes in facilitating extensive detoxification programs, and the shamanic medicines of Kambo, Huachuma, and Psilcybe cubensis.

Jane’s path began with an abrupt end to an unrealized dream—leaving the United States military in 2004, after finally realizing that her career path to becoming an Army officer was starkly in misalignment with her values.  And here, disillusionment came down on her hard… deep depression laden with alcoholism, substance abuse, and a nihilistic view of life followed.  Through this period, however, her study of Classical Western philosophy took a redemptive turn, and led her down the rabbit hole of Eastern metaphysics.  This led her to the study and practice of Chinese Martial Arts, and ultimately to Zen and Nei GongInternal Alchemy of the Daoist Internal Arts.  Jane has studied with teachers from China, England, Chicago, San Francisco, and the Los Angeles area for nearly 9 years.  

While living in San Francisco, she became reacquainted with the practice of Hatha Yoga, and the platform so deeply resonated with her that she’s been studying and practicing the Yogic sciences intensively now for nearly a decade.  And her extensive study of Vedic Philosophy eventually led her to Jyotish, or Vedic Astrology, and while studying with respected Jyotishi, Sadasiva (Sam Geppi), she earned her certification and has been practicing now for nearly 8 years.  In 2012, she lived in India continuing her studies, and earned her RYT 200 from the Sri Ramakrishna lineage.  She remained serving as an instructor in the ashram, and had the privilege of studying Mantra with a teacher who carries on the authentic oral tradition of the Brahmins.

While serving as a lecturer, healer, Yoga and Tai Chi instructor in Southern California, she found herself feeling that her practice was still somehow incomplete.  This prompted her to search down alternative routes, ultimately bringing her to the study and practice of shamanic medicines from the Amazon.  She resonated with Kambo for its ability to restore her beyond her previous levels of health and clarity—allowing her to continue on her journey with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.  And inspired by the immense healing she experienced with Kambo, she began apprenticing under Simon Scott, and has now been practicing the medicine for nearly 5 years, supporting the processes of over one hundred people.  

But it wasn’t until she came to the psychoactive medicines of Huachuma, and revisited the immense healing potentials of psilocybe cubensis—in a ceremonial context, that she began to realize her purpose in this life, and diving full on into the path of self-mastery.  And it was here, in the world of shamanic medicines, and through the Shipibo lineage of Peru, that she was given the name, Oka Kaya, “Crow Spirit.”  And now, for the past 5 years she has been guiding others on this often strange and mystical, but always redemptive and beautiful, path back home to one’s own heart.  

Through her own personal process, Jane has come to understand that we are always on our path… and through our unfolding, we can discover and cultivate the medicine we carry, and eventually, we cannot help but share it with the world.

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