Spring Equinox Ceremony: Saturday & Sunday, March 23rd & 24th


As we continue into the month of March we begin to bring closure to the Winter season, and herald in the growth of Springtime.  Winter is the season of our birth into the womb of creation—it is a time of self-reflection, as well as an opportunity to deeply nourish our bodies and souls, and to incubate our heart’s desires for what we are to grow in the coming season.  For as we enter into Spring, energetically we are “breaking out of the soil”—as a new sprout cracks forth from its seed, bursting forth through the soil, and into the light of new life.  

To align to this powerful energy, we will be gathering to celebrate the 

Spring Equinox on: Saturday & Sunday, March 23rd & 24th

This ceremony will be presided over by the Spirit of the Mushroom (psilocybe cubensis), and will be guided by Oka Kaya and honorable medicine guests

This medicine embodies the energy of the Divine Child—reminding us of our true nature as joy, and our oneness to Spirit, each other, and the universe.  The Spirit of the Mushroom reminds us of the foundational root of human life—that we are ultimately ONE ORGANISM reflected through unique, individual points of expression.  Thus, this medicine helps identify & heal blockages to our connection to the truth of our oneness, as well as the strength of our individual expressions—helping to bring healing to areas of our life where the disconnect stems.  Deep healing and reconnection are gifts that the mushroom offers to us as it is a deeply meditative medicine that allows us to tap into our inner wells of superconscious experience, allowing us to remember more clearly Who We Really Are; and as we see through our soul’s vision, we can better understand human existence and experience.  And as this medicine works to illumine blockages on the heart and the emotional body, please be prepared for deep self-inquiry, reflection, and healing.

Working with this medicine within a ceremonial setting can powerfully reconnect us to the healing potentials of community and the truth of our oneness, so that as you travel through the deeper layers of yourself, know that you do not do this alone, and that you were never meant to.  Your guides hold the deep collective intention of maintaining the highest level of integrity and safety, and will provide the support that you may need throughout your ceremonial work.

The ceremony will begin on the evening of Saturday, March 23rd, and will close in the afternoon on Sunday, March 24th

The ceremony will be held in the Long Beach area

Energetic Exchange $140

If you are considering participating in this ceremony, please check out the link for more information, or the reserve a spot: More info on your Mushroom Ceremony



Please join me as we connect to the powerful celestial energies of early February! We honor both the Solar transition into Imbolc, as well as the Lunar transition into the Lunar New Year, and align to this auspicious time through 2 ceremony offerings—empowering our prayers, deepening our personal work, and finding support for our intentions.


The ceremonies will be held at the Crow’s Nest in Long Beach—my new medicine space!


February 2nd – 3rd, 2019: Saturday & Sunday

This gathering will be presided over by Padre, the sacred plant spirit of our Father, the Creator.This medicine helps us to deepen our connection to the Heart, the core of our Human experience—allowing us to find fuller clarity of our intentions for this upcoming season, as well as deepening our connection to the Great Spirit within ourselves, and thus our ability to bring forth those intentions into manifestation.This is a deeply meditative medicine that allows us to tap into our inner wells of superconscious experience, allowing us to remember more clearly Who We Really Are, and as we see through our heart’s vision, we can better understand human existence and experience.This medicine works to illumine blockages on the heart and the emotional body, so please be prepared for deep self-inquiry and reflection.

Energetic Exchange: $140

* for Cannabis users, a minimum 7-day hiatus is required to connect to this medicine, as well as additional lifestyle/dietary observances:DIETARY/LIFESTYLE OBSERVANCES


February 9th – 10th, 2019: Saturday & Sunday

A weekend of work with the sacred medicine of KAMBO.  This powerful warrior medicine re-aligns us with our innate powerlessness, and the profound technology of our own human systems.It penetrates deeply into the unconscious, cellular level—reminding us of our ability to heal, rejuvenate, and empower all levels of our systems—physical, mental, and emotional.This medicine deeply re-attunes us to our bodies, our senses, and our feelings, ultimately strengthening our connection to our intuition, heart, and spirit.Facilitating healing on all levels of our being, it strengthens our vessel, inside and out, for the soul’s journey.This medicine is especially supportive for cleansing, releasing, and shedding old behavior patterns that no longer serve the soul on its path as it moves forward into a new way of being, that it may more fully embrace what it is becoming.

Energetic Exchange: $125/1day, $240/2day



If you have any questions, or to discuss whether these medicines might be a good fit for you, or to reserve a spot, please: contact me


Here’s February, at a glance:February 2019 at a Glance.pngThese celebrations and observances are timely reminders of the sacred relationship of the Earth to the Sun and Moon—deepening our connection to our larger relationship to the cosmos, and our identity as universal, divine beings.

Imbolc (a.k.a. Candlemas or Groundhog’s Day), heralds a time where we are passing the midway point of Winter, which holds the promise of Spring.It is such a hopeful and inspiring time, full of the feeling of brighter times to come.And this particular Imbolc celebration of 2019 is followed 2 days later by the Lunar New Year!And so, we happily align to this time, doubly strong with the energy of “new beginnings,” and christen the Crow’s Nest through her maiden journey!


Kambo Healing Circle: November 17th and 18th

Saturday – Sunday


Working with Kambo can be a great opportunity to refresh and fortify the body, mind, and spirit—vamping up one’s general state of health and wellbeing.

We will be sitting in the City of Los Angeles, so for those seeking a more remote location for treatment, this may not be the seating for you at this time.  However, I do hope to bring you more remote ceremony locations in the future.

For more information, please feel free to check out: kambo info, or meander intuitively through the great stores of info on Kambo online.  And also feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, or to discuss whether Kambo may be a fit for you, as well as to set up private treatments, if you prefer the privacy of a more intimate setting.



w/ Jane Oka Kaya Shin  :o)


In this workshop, we will be exploring our connection to the cosmos in a very different way than I’ve presented this material in the past.  My hope is that through a deeper understanding of our connection to the macrocosm, we can understand how we, the microcosm, can live in such a way as to use the macrocosm as guidance so that we are not “stumbling in the dark” throughout our lives.  We can consciously connect to the forces at play, and become a part of the evolutionary process we are constantly undergoing–opening up vast opportunities for growth, unfolding of purpose, immense connection, and infinite abundance. For in light of the changing atmosphere of today’s scientific developments, we are able to see within our own lifetime, the very possibility for science and spirituality to be mutually supportive once again!  It is so tremendous as a humanity that we are living in a time where our modern iteration of science can finally explain what the ancient seers and sages have known for millennia.  I will be discussing Nassim Haramein’s Unified Field Theory (in brief, don’t worry ;op) and how it relates to us spiritually for the elevation of consciousness and human connection.  As an example, Haramein’s work has contributed mathematical proof that ALL IS ONE!  I will break down in simple, understandable illustrations and practical exercises how the language of modern science is reflected in the metaphysical sciences–specifically through an examination of how the cosmic energies manifest within our lives.

Hope to see you there!

For more information or to sign up, check out:  https://cosmicabundanceworkshop



Monday & Tuesday, May 28 – 29, 2018, Los Angeles area, TBD

follow the link for more information on KAMBO

or, to sign up: RESERVE A SEAT





Sunday, March 25th, 2018

To register, go to the link:

Vedic Astrology WS-RLY




Saturday & Sunday, March 17-18, 2018, Long Beach, CA

Please CONTACT me for more info or to sign up

Kambo-in yo' face!

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