Preparing for your Plant Medicine Ceremony

Below are some suggestions you might consider for preparation for your ceremony:

  • Self-Care: create an intention to focus on authentic self-nourishment—get plenty of rest and leisure where and when you can, eat delicious, nutritious foods, be around good vibes and caring people, get fresh air.  These activities not only make us feel our best on the day-to-day, but specific to our medicine work preparation, it will help the body feel a trusting connection to our intentions, and it will feel more open to receive the work before us no matter how fearful or nervous we may be about the upcoming process.  Also, work to steer clear of erratic energetic activities and spaces—reduce your exposure to chaotic environments and people as much as you can, and reduce the time spent watching television, videos, and audio information, for although information can be helpful it can also cause a great deal of mental chatter and overstimulation which may become an impediment to your work.
  • Journal: I find it extremely helpful to jot down where I find myself today.  Dare to let yourself go on a “stream of consciousness” writing journey, and allow what comes up to surprise you.  This is a great way to help your intention to more clearly communicate to you.  Also, there are specific exercises you might practice:
      1. Make a Personal Empowerment Affirmation List: this is a list of “I am’s”–start each line with “I am” and fill in the blank.  All items on this list are created with the intention of personal empowerment and affirmation (so ABSOLUTELY NOTHING NEGATIVE will be on this list)—aspects of yourself that you’d like to cultivate, strengthen, connect to that makes you feel inspired.  This list is designed to help you feel more clear about your connection to your higher source, your heart, your soul.
      1. Begin amending your language around the medicine of the mushroom… It is very important to make shifts in our consciousness about medicine work versus recreational drug use, especially with regard to mushrooms as they have often been used without the practice of intention setting, or with straight up little respect.  By approaching this medicine ceremonial, you already make a big distinction between the two categories, but the language that we use around it is a very strong indicator of the way we think about it.
        • So instead of saying something like, “I’m doing mushrooms,” you can say something like, “I am working with mushrooms.”  And instead of, “when I was on mushrooms,” you can say something like, “when I was in the effect of mushrooms.”  Essentially, we do not DO mushrooms, like using a drug devoid of soul—like a thing that is at our disposal, rather than an entity, a spirit, a guide.
  • Observe a dieta anywhere from 7 – 10 days prior to ceremony: More info below



The “philosophy” behind a “Preparatory Dieta” is to cleanse one’s system, and to get to an energetically calm & stable place (free from caffeine or sugar for instance).  So understanding this over philosophy, if you recognize that you’d be worse off, i.e. more instable and erratic for having removed the caffeine, you might actually consider weening or even keeping it as part of your regular diet (rather than going nuts for not having it)


  • ALL processed foods, and avoid pre-made foods as much as possible
  • ALL SUGAR (raw honey and maple syrup in moderation okay)
  • ALL SALT, as it is a retainer; or keep to light use of Celtic Sea Salt & real Himalayan Pink Sea Salt
  • Dairy
  • Red meat, pork
  • FRIED foods
  • Fermented foods
  • Caffeine/stimulants, alcohol, pharmaceutical medications, and cannabis (unless you’re taking CBD for a specific situation)
  • Reduce meat intake to wild caught, fresh fish, and organic, free-range chicken, or consider removing meat altogether for this short period, if you can
  • Sexual restrictions: best to refrain from sexual activity for the last 2 days to maintain the stability and calmness of the root chakra



you may consider these additional methods:

  • ADD an activated charcoal “lemonade,” (3 days prior to our weekend)

You can easily make your own, or purchase one made with raw honey or maple syrup, and fresh juice.  Take this ideally in the evening on its own (as late as a few hours before bed)—drinking it slowly so as not to cause discomfort, or as directed


Many juiceries have cleanse packages, but they can be a bit pricey, but a juice cleanse of any length 1-5 days, can be of great benefit to your preparation for ceremony.  Working with a juice cleanse can enhance the detox process, give our digestive systems a much needed break, as well as emotionally connect us the act of creating offerings for our upcoming work—deepening our intention to work through challenging mental and emotional hurdles for the sake of spiritual growth and realization. 

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