The Journey Back Home, Cancer 2020

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On Wednesday, July 15th, 2020 PST, the 


88c94f68ff155faa0e9aaf9809d15e87.jpgWith the bright-eyed enthusiasm of Gemini paving the way, we now prepare to bravely explore the most vulnerable aspect of our lives… the inner Self.

Why are the Sun Sign dates different in Vedic Astrology vs. Mainstream Western Astrology? Read the article here 

5a198aa1feedeef948cde3c8098cd69c.jpgCancer is the only sign of the Zodiac ruled by the Moon.  And while the Sun represents all that is illuminated—our external comings and goings, and the outer actions, roles and responsibilities we are here to play out; the Moon indicates all that which is within—the psyche, the mind, and how we feel and experience our life.  As Cancer is the 4th sign of the “natural zodiac,” it is associated with the 4th house, or Matru Bhava, “House of Mother”—reflecting that the relationship we experienced with our mothers plays a vital role in establishing our fundamental, emotional connection to all of life—deeply affecting our ability to feel and express LOVE.

In the previous article, I spoke about the Gemini phase being a great time to “access and develop your power of discernment—your ability to discriminate between what is rooted in truth and what is shrouded in illusion.” (to read the 2020 Gemini article, click here)  The more we cultivate this skill of discrimination, the stronger our ability to observe our emotions free of judgement, fear, or shame—allowing us to integrate our experiences as pathways through which we can connect more deeply to the essence of the human experience.  This potential of the emotions is reinforced by the 4th house also being the first house of Moksha, or “liberation,” showing that freedom comes from allowing the emotions to connect us to the universal experiences of all human beings, which can eventually lead us to a reunion with universal consciousness and Human Oneness.


And as we explore the depths of our inner worlds, the caution here is to watch that we do not dissociate from our emotions, for the intention of our spirit is to be fully engaged with our sensorial experience, that we may continue to learn and expand through them.

For clarity and guidance in this area, I deeply resonate with the timeless wisdom of Alan Watts:

The fragility and frailty of our human bodies within the merciless and marvelous torrent of life evokes every emotion of this agonizingly sensitive organism—love, anger, sadness, terror, and the fear of terror.  And our attempts to stand above these emotions and control them are the emotions themselves at play, since love is also to be in love with love, and sadness to be sorry that one is sad.  Our unwillingness to feel is the very measure of our ability to feel, for the more sensitive the instrument, the greater its capacity for pain…

There are some psychologists who have struck, rather clumsily perhaps, upon an important truth—namely that there is a serious mistake in not responding to our feelings, or in trying to feel in some other way than we feel actually.  What these psychologists are trying to say is that there is an almost uncanny wisdom in the spontaneous and natural reactions of our organism to the course of events… I am not talking at the moment of responses in terms of actions, but only of our inward, subjective responses of feeling.  The point is that our feelings are not really a kind of resistance, a kind of fight with the course of events.  They are a harmonious and intelligent response.

Thus what I have called the death of the ego transpires in the moment when it is discovered and admitted that these ultimate feelings are irresistible.  They are ultimate in two senses: one, that they sometimes have to do with very fundamental and cataclysmic events, and two, that they are sometimes our deepest, most radical feeling with respect to a given situation.  The point is that these ultimate feelings are as wise as all the rest, and their wisdom emerges when we give up resisting them—through the realization that we are simply unable to do so… But ordinarily we do not discover the wisdom of our feelings because we do not let them complete their work; we try to suppress them or discharge them in premature action, not realizing that they are a process of creation which, like birth, begins as a pain and turns into a child. 


To invalidate and dismiss how we feel would be to reject vital information about the deepest part of our selves.  This is not to say that when we have an outlandish outburst, to validate it as being an appropriate response to the circumstance, but rather, to validate its presence, and then, as the modern spiritual luminary, Teal Swan, shares—using it to find the root cause to why we feel the way we do.  The closer we get to the root of our emotional triggers, we can see more clearly that how we feel as our present self is a direct reflection of the experiences we underwent as children.  Practices such as Teal’s “The Completion Process” seek to facilitate a reconciliation with, and healing of, the emotional body.  She speaks of how most of our “original wounds” were endured during the pre-cognition period of childhood—from the time we were in utero until the time we were around 8 years old.  And being in this pre-cognition phase reveals that the information we gathered about our life and our world was perceived, i.e. felt, rather than intellectually processed. 

cpretreatThis intimate reunion with our inner child selves opens the door for reintegrating fractured aspects of our being back to wholeness.  This is the journey back home.  And when we are home, we reclaim our power, our brilliance, and our connection to each other and to all things.  Therefore, Teal explains that we can begin to view our emotional reactions as threads that can connect us to root, experiential causes, eventually seeing them as opportunities to deepen our connection to our selves, and no longer having to be in resistance to our feelings.  And with a greater integration of our emotional triggers, we develop the overall skill of understanding the language of our physical and emotional bodies, which in turn allows us greater access to our intuition—the intuition being our access to universal consciousness.  Imagine being able to do the “highest good” for yourself knowing that this serves the highest good for all?  But this depth of connection can only occur when we have become re-attune to what our emotions and physical sensations are communicating to us.

And, as always, we gain guidance about how to approach this Cancerian phase by looking to its harmonizing point in Capricorn.  Capricorn, opposite Cancer, reveals the importance of being grounded in the truth of our material process when connecting to and exploring one’s internal nature.  Saturn-ruled Capricorn shows us how to work through the tides of emotionalism—the turbulent fluctuations of which we can feel almost engulfed by sometimes.  Saturn’s systematic approach in Capricorn guides us to be patient in the process of learning and growing, and reminds us to work hard and to practice with diligence.  The axis of Cancer & Capricorn is also the mutually interdependent relationship of the 4th & 10th houses.  This shows that the inner peace that we have established in our hearts (our homes and inner sanctum, 4th house), is in direct relationship to the quality of what we contribute to the world (life’s work, 10th house).  In other words, our contributions must come from the inside out if they are to make the greatest impact in the world.

Bottomline: This is a time for doing inner work, but specifically around childhood wounds that are showing up in your adult life as emotional triggers.  Working with processes/systems like Teal Swan’s “The Completion Process” are powerful methods for reintegrating fractured parts of yourself back to wholeness, which will ultimately lead you to a more harmonious life of fulfillment, connection, and purpose.  For what you are feeling and experiencing is what ultimately connects you to our greater human family, and allowing yourself to feel more deeply into yourself and your emotions allows you to have a richer experience of human life—and that’s what we’ve all come here to do! 


Blessings on your Journey Back Home,

Jane Oka Kaya Shin


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