Take some time to Enjoy the Good Things in Life, Taurus 2020

Hello Dearest Soul Family!

On Thursday, May 14th, 2020 PST, the 



This new phase is an opportunity to slow down from the intense, forward motion of Aries; allowing yourself to enjoy some of the “good things in life”

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The inspiration and fervent energy of Aries no doubt assisted many of us in breaking through the fear and hysteria that came with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Some of you were even able to aspire to greater heights, using the challenge as a platform upon which to jump headlong into bold new paths, dreams, and undertakings.  For when the intense, aggressive, often harsh energy of Aries is channeled with pure and clear intentions, it has the ability to ignite the spark necessary to power an entire conflagration, or to crack open what seemed an impenetrable fortress.  But as I mentioned in the previous article, the energy of Aries is a pioneer, an explorer, meaning it is an initiator, and so it needs other energies to buttress the ideas it has started, it needs the support of a sustaining energy.  And this is where Taurus comes in.


Being ruled by Venus, Taurus is concerned with HAPPINESS—those things that make the heart smile, as well as feel safe and comfy.  And thus, this aspect of Venus is connected to domestic comforts, the “finer things in life,” looking and feeling good, so although new projects and ideas are wonderful endeavors, it is important to allow some room for comfort and pleasure, as well as the other area always indicted by Venus, RELATIONSHIPS.  As Gary Chapman says, “life is not about accomplishments, its about relationships.”  For one’s aspirations can take you a great long way, but at the end of the day it is merely a house of cards built on the flimsy foundation of ego.  Life long pursuits need something of real substance—the inspiration of higher ideals like family, community, and creating a brighter world for our children.

In Vedic Astrology, Taurus is said to have a long appearance, which equates to an energy of endurance and devotion.  And as Taurus is the feminine aspect of Venus, we can see where the feminine gets its devotional quality.  For in the sphere of relationships, the feminine is the aspect of the partnership that will stay and endure the hardships, trusting that their love will find a way to break through any challenges.  Now, I say “the feminine,” as opposed to “the woman,” as the feminine energy is present in all of us, whether male or female.  In any case, Taurus is the energy that gets strapped in for the long haul, and is ready to do the work necessary to see a project through—through all its ups and downs.  This is the energy of commitment that all great projects, ideas, and relationships need to really get anywhere significant.

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As mentioned, Taurus is the arena of Venus, so above all, this is a time for us to really understand, appreciate, and develop our Venusian energy.  Taurus is associated with the Second House, as it is the second sign of the “natural zodiac,” and is connected to the “House of Values,” which helps us understand what the energy of Venus is all about.  Something that one of my teachers said long ago has always stuck with me: “Shukra (Venus) teaches us what things are really worth, and shows us the real value of things.”  He used the example of a decedent treat—“do you need a whole chocolate cake to be happy, satisfied? or can you find a moment of happiness in a single piece of chocolate?”  He explained that as we elevate our own Venusian energy, we will more and more actually need less and less to be happy, to be content and satisfied.  For on the other side of what we want for our happiness is what we have given up in order to have it—how do you feel after indulging in that whole chocolate cake?  So as our Venusian energy becomes more refined, we will not have to give up so much for the things that make us happy, for we will find happiness and pleasure in simpler, but more valuable things.  And in terms of relationships, we will be able to see value and beauty beyond that which is “skin deep,” we will be able to connect more deeply to the real value at the essence of all beings and all creation.


As we move into this Taurian phase, we move into a time for enjoying the good things in life and ensuring that our efforts have a place to rest and recover in the comfort of a warm, cozy home, around the people we love and call family.  But in order to have these things, as well as feel stable and grounded doing so, we need to have our FINANCES IN ORDER!  Financial details and planning are also indications of the Second House, for what can equally bring stability/security/grounding, as well as anxiety/stress/sleepless nights?!  For the way you spend your money, your time, and other sources of your energy, are all indications of your values.  Here in Taurus, we have an opportunity to invest some time in assessing our values through the way we spend our money, as well as reflecting on the logistics of our new projects, paths, or ideas.  One must have the proper funding, investments, and a long term plan for the future not only for our project to get established, but also to give us the inspiration to keep going even when times get tough, for otherwise our energies can easily get scattered by a plethora of worries and insecurities that arise from an unsure footing, weak financial prospects, or just not knowing where it’s all going.  In other words, having a BIGGER PICTURE and LONG TERM PLAN will assist in providing the impetus for the day-to-day grind.


Now, it’s not always feasible to have all our finances in order all the time, and that’s not the point  of Taurus, rather, as an earth sign, Taurus indicates getting a foothold of one’s finances—having an understanding of one’s financial situation, perhaps doing research to find possible courses of action, or even seeking advisement through mentors or professionals to find courses for alleviating financial difficulties or making wise investments for the future.  Overall, this is a time to connect to the truth that you are here to enjoy the human experience.  Of course you will undergo a sea of ups and downs, which actually makes the pleasures more pleasurable and the triumphs that much more rewarding, but all in all you are here to be a part of it all, and to really find the joy in the process of your unfolding.  You are meant to access the abundance that the universe is offering, and you are also meant to have all that you need in this lifetime.  Your keys to accessing this abundance is by offering your highest value to the world.  Knowing these things, allow yourself to dream and work your days being inspired by those dreams.  My only reminder is that Venus is teaching you what real value, real pleasure, and real love is, so when things don’t “go your way,” know that it is so that you can continue to evolve and grow.  All is in benevolence.

Dreams your dreams my sisters, my brothers,

Jane Oka Kaya Shin



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