Bold New Beginnings Ahead, Aries 2020

Greetings Soul Family!

On Monday, April 13th, 2020 PST, the 



Following the deeply creative, and intuitive phase of Pisces, we have the opportunity now to accelerate our inspired ideas into courageous action here in Aries.

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The irony of the COVID-19 pandemic is so reflective of where we are as a culture—the activities of the entire world have come to a halt by a virus that is as fatal as the common flu, or if we stretch it—pneumonia, an infection from which less people die from each day than from car accidents.  However, news headlines and the media corporations at large are having a field day with this, and much of our population is hungrily eating it up.  Our culture is ridden with fear, and from that fear is ready to accept any information from the presiding authorities—can we recognize the danger of this misguided approach?  So to maintain clarity through this situation, I do hope that you were able to “unplug” frequently through your days to connect to the truth of your heart, that you have allowed yourselves to be guided by love and inspiration, rather than be sucked into the vacuum of fear and paranoia.  No matter the nature of your experience during this time, it will be of benefit to acknowledge the reality of what space you’re currently in, gather yourself from there, and take the next step in your unique journey.  If you are in a state of panic and fear, it is a time to collect yourself, connect to your support system, and move forward boldly into the direction of creativity and connection.  If you are in a state of inspired alignment, it is time to collect your ideas and channel your creative energy, and move forward boldly into the direction of actualizing those dreams.  Wherever you are, the energy of Aries is a powerful push upward and outward; we have now come to a time where the universe supports you in your courageously moving forward. 


As Aries is the FIRST SIGN of the “natural zodiac,” we have simultaneously come to the end of one cycle as well as the beginning of a new one.  But as we make this big transition now into a whole new beginning, it is crucial to acknowledge what we are finishing up and the insights of the previous cycle for this is the foundation upon which we build the new.  The fool who attempts to “leave his past behind,” is doomed to a life of trying to run from his shadow, but the elevated  energy of Mars, ruler of Aries, connects to his inherent courage and chooses to turn around, face his past, and allow it to be integrated as part of himself, that he may move forward more complete, and wiser for having understood the experiences his life has presented him.  And as we move into this new cycle, this rebirth, we naturally feel a building desire to “break out” into new territory, for Aries is also the energy of pioneers and astronauts, who boldly enter the unknown, blazing new trails and traveling uncharted frontiers.  And gathering the insights of the deeply intuitive phase of Pisces we can connect to our heart’s direction, our compass, to understand more clearly where our spirit yearns to go.


From those of you whom I had the chance to connect to during this interesting time, I have heard so many powerful stories about what you were able to realize and actualize in your reflections.  It seems many of you have experienced a great clarity during the previous Pisces phase that has allowed you to connect more deeply to inspired thoughts and underlying soul desires.  These reflections will be a guiding light to what direction your life will be taking in this next journey around the zodiac.  Conversely, those of you who have recognized a deep seated fear underlying your experience can also utilize this time to push forward to new heights.  It can be helpful to understand that the urge for self-preservation is a completely natural one, for self-preservation is at the root of our energetic system (Root Chakra, Saturn), but if we choose to remain there, this instinctual drive for survival becomes a debilitating fear, which can draw us into obscurity and stagnation, as though our roots have grown so deeply downward that we are cemented to the very ground beneath us.  Mars, being the indicator of COURAGE (Solar Plexus Chakra), is that energy which can bring us out of the depths of our despair and fear, and back into our hearts as its motion is upward into the Heart Chakra.

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In the Vedic tradition, Mars is often referred to as Mangala, “the auspicious one,” and many say that this was the name he was given as a way to appease his malefic energy.  For his energy is on  of the harshest in our human experience, alongside the other great malefic, Saturn.  You may be more familiar with his names ‘Aries’ or ‘Mars,’ as he is referred to in Greek and Roman mythology, but in either tradition, he is the “God of War.”  However, what we are often exposed to of Mars’ energy is the version that is undeveloped and puerile.  And when it is thus, it is thuggish, brutal, bullying, using its courage as a form of intimidation to get what it wants from those smashed underneath its heavy boot.  You see this immature form of Mars behind the iron fist of fascist regimes, mafias, gangsters, and warlords.  This is the energy of Mars used for its own self-serving purposes.  For ultimately, his energy is that of the powerful warrior, the soldier, but the unique intention of each fighter creates the direction of his destiny.  Everyone has this energy within him and herself, yet each has the power to choose how to allocate this energy, how to channel the direction of one’s fight.  What is it that you choose to fight for?  What is it that you are ready to die for?  This is one of the intensest energies of our solar system, and you can see it being played out in the history of our humanity—wars upon wars, conflict after conflict, those in power thinking that fighting each other is the way to build civilizations.  Of course, this is one way, but we also know that we always have a choice in what we do and how we do it.  For this courage to choose one’s actions based on the truth’s of the deepest heart is also the power of Mars, and is the highest expression of Mars.


A very simple yet profound truth expressed through the science of Vedic Astrology shows that there is an intimate relationship of specific chakras to each other, for these chakric relationships are expressions of specific planetary interactions.  Mars, for instance, is intimately connected to Venus, as shown through the harmonizing axises of Aries/Libra and Scorpio/Taurus.  Additionally, Mercury is intimately connected with Jupiter through Gemini/Sagittarius and Virgo/Pisces; and Sun/Moon, which are the two petals of the lotus of the  Third Eye Chakra are connected with Saturn through Leo/Aquarius and Cancer/Capricorn.  These show the relationship of chakric energies as follows:

Third Eye is connected to the Root Chakra: Sun/Moon to Saturn

You are most grounded when you are connected to the truth of who you are

Throat Chakra is connected to the Sacral: Mercury to Jupiter

Your creativity shines when it is shared with the world

Heart Chakra is connected to the Solar Plexus: Venus to Mars

Your courage is meant to serve the truths of your heart


When these crucial connections are not made, the planetary energies within you are incomplete and do not express themselves to their highest potential.  They, again, become self-serving, undeveloped, and puerile, as evidenced by the lower expression of Mars that we see most commonly in our world.  For without the Heart of Venus, Mars becomes entangled in its own desire to be “first, best, and only,” and ironically, never reaches that state of exaltation which it so deeply wishes to attain.  Meaning, if you desire greatness, if you desire to be powerful and recognized, do your best to connect your courage to your heart, otherwise you will fall to the depths of hubris like all other great fallen would-be heroes of our time.   

You will know that you have connected to the truth of your heart if your desires and actions include those around you, are connected to the truth of human unity, rather than the defeating isolation of disconnect in greed and rapacious fear.  The greatest hero is a champion of the people, and his heart is as large as the cosmos itself.  Be patient, be gentle, be sweet, for to do so calls forth the deepest integrity, personal courage, and strength.  Yes you can, and you will.


As with any great transition such as this one, it is advised that you create space in the coming days to reflect on where you are, sink deeply into your heart space, and connect to the truth of where you desire to go from here.  Then, sink even deeper now into your “gut”—your solar plexus and begin to call upon your inherent courage to fight for these truths, and to break down the illusory barriers that are preventing you from getting there.  It is time to break old molds, open up new paths, and take brazen steps forward into the unknown of your destiny.  It is unknown and untravelled because you are the one to create this unique path, this unique way of expression and life.  And as you allow your heart to guide you, your courage will continue to grow until you realize that you are the hero that you seek, and you are the master of your way. 

Courage to you as you move forward into the unknown of your path, 

Jane Oka Kaya Shin



The Sun Sign Dates of Vedic Astrology and Mainstream Western Astrology:

Vedic vs. Western Sun Sign Dates.png 

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