May Your Heart Guide You, Pisces 2020

Dearest Soul Family,

Thank you for your patience in my getting this article out this month.  It is now 2 days behind, but I hope that the content may be supportive during this time.  I hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe and grounded, and that we may stay connected no matter the direction things turn.  Let us do what we can to bring stillness to our hearts that we may project our love and support out into the world. Haux.


On Saturday, March 14th, 2020 PST, the  


After the hardworking, often very serious phases of Saturn ruled Capricorn and Aquarius, Pisces is a kind of pressure release valve that gives us a moment to bring a bit more color, inspiration, laughter, lightness, and creative exploration into our lives which naturally helps us gain perspective on the bigger picture of what we are doing and why we are doing it.

During the previous solar phase in Aquarius, we experienced the escalating tumult of the recent outbreak of COVID-19, and became more deeply aware of issues on the scale of the entire human community; seeing just how much the global family is interconnected in a vast, entwined network.  And I am sure you, like myself, also had the chance to experience your local communities bonding closer together during this time of crisis.  The Aquarian phase, as mentioned in the mid-February article, guides us to share our gifts with others, to be connected with and in service to our families, communities, and groups that bring us together.  So even amidst the confusion, loss, and fear of this global crisis, many of us were able to remain strong and grounded through our connections with others and a sense of belonging somewhere.  But now as we come to the Sun in Pisces our focus will begin to shift once again.  What is greater than the giving of Man’s highest gifts for the good of His humanity?  The second part of this question we explored during the Aquarian phase, but what is ‘greater’ than this? is the question we shall explore here in Pisces.


Pisces is ruled by the planet Jupiter, indicator of BELIEF, and thus seeks a connection to that which is deeper than just the outward experience of human life—that something which is infinite, beyond, and undying, something that is sacred, if you will.  But the way we connect to belief will be different here in Pisces, Jupiter’s feminine  expression, than from Jupiter’s masculine sign of Sagittarius.  In Sagittarius we connect to bigger ideas and concepts that help us find meaning in our lives through formalized religions, higher institutions, and belief systems, however with Pisces’ feminine approach, we connect more deeply to a feeling than any idea—that feeling deep within you that just knows somehow that there is still reason to believe…


As Pisces is the 12th sign of the ‘natural zodiac,’ we come to the so called end of our zodiacal journey, which in terms of human life is death, but really what the 12th sign signifies is that space that cannot be explored during our ‘normal’ waking state.  These are higher dimensional planes that can be accessed by shifts in perspective through a multitude of ways.  For instance, moving to a new state, traveling to a new country, going out into the wilderness, or even working in the garden can be enough to shift one’s perspective, helping bring clarity and often raising awareness.  And this is why foreign travel or living in places that are very different from where you grew up are associated with the 12th house.  These shifts in perspective can also be explored through out of body experiences, dreams, hypnosis, entheogenic plant medicines, psychoactive compounds, ESP, etc. but sometimes life brings these shifts through harsher events such as near death experiences or even the death of loved ones.  Additionally, the realm of the otherworldly and out of body can, ironically, be accessed through deep, intimate love making, and is why “bed pleasures” are also indicated by the 12th house.  Ultimately, Jupiter ruled signs want to expand, and so Pisces will bring a desire to explore “otherness” in general as a means of growing and learning; seeking an exposure to variety and “strangeness.”  And with Pisces being the feminine expression of Jupiter’s  energy, there will be a focus on personal expansion through these explorations.

Hip hop Dance Wallpapers (2).jpg

The expansiveness of Jupiter can be found in the realm of trees, the deserts, waterfalls, ocean bluffs, for nature has the power to shift our perspective from things we often get stuck on, perhaps just enough that we might think of it again but in another way.  And generally, with the energy of Pisces in the air and Spring just around the corner, this would be a perfect time to travel outdoors into natural settings, however, with the attempts to contain the spread of infection not only limiting global travel but also limiting access to local gathering places, this will be a very interesting time to see what alternative opportunities will be created in order to continue the exploration of “strangeness” or “otherworldliness.”  So allowing some time for creativity through dancing, playing & listening to songs that bring you to the heart space, meditation, reiki, yoga, drawing & painting, and other forms of intuitive activities that reduce the fixation on thoughts can help deepen your connection to Spirit reflected in all things.  For as Jupiter is the energetic source of the SACRAL CHAKRA, one’s creative center, this is an auspicious time to develop your identity as a creative being.  This will be a highly intuitive time, a time for attuning to one’s inner wisdom, the heart’s song, which cannot be heard amidst the ceaseless chattering of the mind nor the fear-laden thoughts of the ego.  And I feel this is an especially important time for those that carry musical medicine to come forth to inspire friends, neighbors, families, communities, and perhaps even nations.

As the 12th sign of the zodiac, it is also the only sign that deals with the “beyond,” signifying that most of our lives (11 signs for that matter) are about our earthly existence and what we are here to play out, but the 12th house is there nonetheless, reminding us that, yup, there’s still more to life than all of this.  But it is only after traversing the first 11 signs of the zodiac that we can arrive here to the 12th, meaning that it is only after filling ourselves up with the full extent of the human experience that we can actually connect to that which is deeper, because deeper implies going through and beyond it.  It is through the fullness of the human experience that we can fathom that which underlies it, that which pervades all, including human life and all that comes along with it.  It is reminiscent of the saying, “it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all”—for we must undergo the experience first to even know the gravity of what it is to lose it.  And this is why the 12th house is often called the “House of Loss,” for here we become more familiar with that which remains after all the holographic projections of human life fall away.  But this, again, does not have to be a harsh stripping away, it can simply be a sojourn of escape that you find through creative outlets like dance, song, the exploration of dreams, even a fantastic story in a book or movie; those outlets that allow you a moment of respite from the normal cadence of your life. 


However, because of this “otherworldly,” intensely intuitive, feeling-based approach of this sign, we can see how the shadow aspect of Pisces is that of ESCAPISM.  The energy of Pisces can pull one to escape to the point of being extremely ungrounded, meaning not present in the reality of the world or of one’s life.  This can mean partaking in creative outlets or getting caught up in fantasy or fun exploration as a form of isolating oneself and disconnecting from the issues of the day.  This can become a serious concern especially considering the current state of the world when taking reasonable precautions will be crucial for maintaining personal health and wellbeing.  So to bring harmony to this energy we look to its balancing point in Virgo for guidance.  Virgo, ruled by Mercury, is occupied with DETAILS, but with Virgo being an earth sign as well as the 6th sign of the ‘natural zodiac,” these details are connected to the practical, everyday routines and processes that allow your days to feel organized and complete.  Virgo takes a logical approach to create systems, processes, routines to deal with the everyday demands of life.  At first glance, the indications of these two planets BELIEF (Jupiter) and DETAILS (Mercury) may seem incompatible, even mutually exclusive, like the juxtaposition of Spirituality versus Science.  However, as I attempted to convey in the most recent article on the “Main Difference Between Vedic Astrology and Mainstream Western Astrology,” these two concepts can actually be mutually supportive.  For belief without information or facts can lead to ungrounded concepts and ideas that create flimsy foolhardy optimism that fails to support us in times of crises.  Conversely, details without a bigger picture can be sterile, cold, and uninspiring, thus constricting our ability to aspire to greater heights.


As I mentioned in the recent “Vedic Astrology vs. Mainstream Western Astrology” article, we live in a very special time for the evolution of humanity, for it is “a time when science is advancing to the point of being able to understand what the ancient advanced human cultures have known for millennia,” meaning that our present day advancements in both the fields of science and spirituality are illustrating that the two can be mutually supportive.  This can act as a macrocosm of what is possible in our own personal work with these two energies.  For as we deepen our connection to Spirit, we can also know that our intuitive feeling is supported by the most elevated scientific findings of the day.  As an example, the work of theoretical physicist Nassim Haramein is some of the most advanced in his field AND is helping our human culture rectify the spiritual teachings of ancient civilizations by showing us, yes, it is possible.  We no longer have to rely on “blind faith” alone.  But of course, there will be times when your faith is put to the test.  The turbulent and uncertain times that we are currently facing ask us to believe amidst the fear-mongering media hay-day.  Interestingly, we are experiencing an exposure to Virgo’s shadow aspect, which is information collection and dispersement driven by paranoia—Virgo’s cautious nature gone awry.  I am not asserting that what is out there is not true, but I do see it as a bombardment of information (some of which was not yet validated upon propagation) as well as a sensationalization of facts.  Yes, we need information in order to make intelligent choices for ourselves on a daily basis, but when the media corporations are blasting us with news that goes every which way, what are we to believe?  And thus, this Pisces phase will be crucial now for bringing perspective and clarity into our lives through strengthening the relationship to our inner guidance system, our intuition, our heart.


Although it may seem a bit irresponsible to be partaking in more creative outlets at this time, it is actually highly advised to take measures to “recollect,” so to speak, the truth of your heart; that it may guide you during this confusing and fearful time.  The sensitivity of Pisces can help us better understand our connection to even the most chaotic of circumstances, and with Jupiter’s expansiveness, help us find meaning and purpose through their unfolding.  This is a time that invites spontaneity, inspired action, and creative flow, guiding us to take some breaks from the pressures of the day, but with the intention of creating space so to return with clarity and strength, and NOT as a form of ESCAPISM.  So I advise allowing yourself more freedom in your days and in your routines now, trusting that the work you’ve done in the previous phase has set you up for a little wiggle room for inspired moments, laughter and a little FUN!


Bottomline: this is a time for exploration of the exotic and perhaps even the “strange” as we seek to connect to that which pervades all of human life and beyond.  Let your imagination and inspired action guide you to deepening your connection to that unnameable something that somehow holds this crazy universe together.  Allow some wiggle room in your day-to-day life so that you can live in more inspired flow—dance, sing, dream, make love, let your heart lead the way to adventures in the forests and far away lands (perhaps in books for now 😉).  And as you strengthen your connection to the deep wellspring of your heart, allow it to guide you through this often confusing time.  That even amidst the uncertain future of the world, your heart will assist you in holding steadfast to the truth that there is still reason to believe.

Blessings for Inspired Explorations,

Jane Oka Kaya Shin


The Sun Sign Dates of Vedic Astrology and Mainstream Western Astrology:

Vedic vs. Western Sun Sign Dates.png 

March and April at a Glance:

March & April at a Glance.png

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