A Time to Share your Gifts with the World… Aquarius 2020

Greetings Soul Sisters and Brothers!

Today, on February 13th, 2020 PST, the SUN MOVES INTO THE SIGN OF AQUARIUS! 


Again, some of you may be thinking, “wait a minute! I thought the Sun moved into Aquarius around January 21st?”  And as mentioned in mid-January’s article, this relative motion of the Sun from Capricorn to Aquarius actually happens TODAY, February 13th, in real time, and happened around January 21st nearly 2000 years ago.  The short response to this schism is that Vedic Astrology, which is the system from which I share information, is a sidereal system, meaning a system which is “based on the stars,” AND IN LINE WITH CURRENT ASTRONOMY, while mainstream western astrology is a tropical system, meaning it is a system “based on the seasons,” AND IS NOT IN LINE WITH CURRENT ASTRONOMY, for its dates have not been changed since being charted during a time before classical antiquity.  Being that this is a fairly involved subject, I thought it best to keep it separate from this current energetic discussion so that we can really focus on the topic of the day—Aquarius!  And I will be sharing the full response to this schism in a coming article that will give you the full details of why this split exists.  But for now, I have included a chart of the Sun sign dates for both systems that you can check out at the end of this article.


The previous Capricorn cycle was a time to fortify our personal foundations through the reexamining of the areas of life that bring us stability, security, and an overall sense of wellbeing.  You may have taken this time to organize and reprioritize your day-to-day routine to make sure more of your basic needs were met, things such as your personal health, household affairs and finances, and creating more space for personal development, etc.  All in all, you may have found yourself spending more time at home in the intimacy of your personal space reflecting on the state of your day-to-day affairs and how you approach your days in general.  This is a reflection of Saturn’s inward, feminine aspect, but as we move into the sign of Aquarius, we have the opportunity to develop the masculine aspect of Saturn’s energy, meaning we will feel our energy desiring to move more outward now, into the world.  And the personal foundation that you have been able to strengthen through the Capricorn phase will now act as a platform upon which you can share your gifts with the world. 


In the mid-January article, I mentioned how Saturn is often known as Father Time, but during my reflections of this Capricorn phase, I came to realize that this conception is all too abstract and does not give us a very useable understanding of Saturn’s energy.*  So then, if Saturn doesn’t represent Time, what does he indicate?  Well, if we just observe Saturn for a moment, what’s the first thing we notice?  Its rings.  Thus, Saturn is better understood as boundaries.  These are the constructs of our singular autonomy, our sense of being as individuals within the unity of all things—My name is Jane, I am a human being, I have a gluten sensitivity, I am the eldest of four, I enjoy the study of occult sciences, etc.  However, inherent within this singularity is our collective identity as well, for I may be a human being, but being a human means I am a part of a collective, for like the wolf, to be human is to be a social creature through and through.  Also as human beings, another of our most fundamental boundaries is that we are connected with the natural cycles of the Earth and the Cosmos, so without a respect for such a foundational boundary, we will ultimately become depleted, and fall short of living our highest potential within our lifetime.  So it will be imperative for those on the path of self-mastery to understand and integrate the truth that it’s not that we are spending time doing something, but rather, that we are spending our energy on something, and time just happens to be a record of the instance.  And as we mature in our connection with Saturn’s energy we learn to conserve rather than to deplete our energy reserves so that we can allocate our greatest efforts and attention toward manifesting our gifts for the world. 


Boundaries, whether singular or collective, are the qualities that make you, you.  They are the manifestations of both your individual qualities as well as a reflection of how you fit into the collective unity, for your unique gifts fit perfectly into the collective whole, making what you are here to do the same as how you can contribute best.  And this is the realm of Aquarius.  For, as previously alluded to, one of our most fundamental boundaries is that we are a part of this greater human race, and as human beings we have an innate desire to contribute to the expansion of this greater entity, this larger human family.  This is why Aquarius is often attributed to the energy of those in service to the collective, humanitarians, the energy that is concerned with the expansion of the whole.  This is the part of each of us that is aware that we play a part in all that is, whether conscious or unconscious.  And this is further indicated with Aquarius being the 11th sign of the “natural zodiac,” one of the last legs of our 12-sign journey through the heavens.  And so, the 11th sign is deeply concerned with our legacy—what we leave behind for our progeny, and by extension, those that remain after our passing to continue on the human story.  Thus, the 11th house is often referred to as the “house of gains,” for our profits are often viewed as the manifestations of our work, or the signs of the success we have been able to achieve through our life to date.  And of course, our “gains” or profits take many forms—the building of communities and families, the development of better societal infrastructures, contributions to science or any other fields for that matter, improving the lives of those around us, expanding one’s capacity to love and understand, etc. but also fame, status & recognition, accolades, etc. 


To gain a more complete understanding of one’s own highest contributions to humanity, it is necessary to examine the balancing point of Aquarius’ energy, which is in Leo.  For without Leo’s focus on one’s UNIQUE CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE or one’s area of PERSONAL EXCELLENCE, the Aquarian energy can become a subservient laborer.  Meaning that, yes, your greatest gifts to mankind and your highest contributions to humanity are what you do best.  It is not helpful to humanity’s expansion for you to take part in the appearance of giving or to arbitrarily take part in service which does not ultimately feel right to you.  However, if you have not yet connected with the area of your excellence, it is highly advisable that you spend time in service to your communities, families, and other collectives, for these spaces are teeming with opportunities for you to connect with your innate gifts!  For being around those that inspire you and nurture you emotionally and spiritually are the fertile soil upon which you might discover and develop your gifts and find your way in this world. 


And as always, the foundation of personal work that you have cultivated thus far (and will continue to develop), will help clarify the area of your excellence, for often it has been lost or obscured during one’s upbringing whether through the pressures of parents and other relations, society/culture, and overall citta vritti, as it is referred to in Yoga, which I understand as, “the thoughts and ideas of everyone else” telling you who you are, who you should be, and what is acceptable of you.  Connecting to the energy of Leo can be of assistance in this process, for Leo is the part of you that is the King of your personal kingdom, and the greatest king leads by his mighty heart, beyond the confines of the mind.  With a deeper connection to your personal truth, you can find the courage and strength to make the decisions necessary to reestablish your kingdom, even if those decisions do not make sense to those around you (at least at first).  For instance, some of us had to leave our childhood homes, whether literally or figuratively, in order to make space to remember what we had lost.  Whatever form your process takes, this is the journey back to yourself, back to your true homeland and kingdom—your heart and your power, in short, this is the hero’s quest, and the quest of all great kings.

hqdefault.jpgYour “creative Intelligence” is your innate human ability to magically bring a gloriously redemptive solution to a seemingly perilous and impossible challenge, or to, basically, make something out of nothing!  I find that the History Channel’s series “Alone” is a great example of this (I’ve only viewed seasons 1 & 2, so these are the ones I base this analysis on).  10 contestants (professional survivalists) are placed in extremely weathering, utterly challenging remote locations completely alone, and the one who can survive the longest wins the competition.  There is not even a camera crew to provide human interaction, and it is in the extremes of isolation that the human spirit is put to the test.  Honestly, it sounds like a reality TV version of a Vision Quest if you ask me!  Through their journeys we see miraculous feats of human stamina, ingenuity, spiritual insights, and deep emotional vulnerability.  The human being is cracked open like a gapping wound AND challenged to find water, food, shelter, warmth, as well as to combat agonizing boredom, often in the dead of freezing cold and damp conditions.**  This is a microcosm of the journey that we all undergo within our lifetimes—albeit with long periods of ease and comfort mixed throughout.  To be creative is not limited to those activities that are often canopied under the label “artistic,” but has more to do with how you approach and move through a situation. What do you do with what is right before you? Can the challenge be seen as an opportunity to access and demonstrate your power to meet any and all circumstances in your life? 

But in order to meet the challenges/opportunities that are offered to us with the personal excellence of Leo, we must meet it with the systematic approach of Saturn ruled Aquarius, and Saturn is as grounded and practical as you can get, so let’s snuff the fluff.  To be fully present in your work, you must have two things: (1) deep, focused attention, and (2) applied effort.  Without these concrete applications, being “present” becomes another willy-nilly abstraction, like Time, with no real meaning.  First off, you must create the time and space for your work both in your life and specifically in your mind.  Then, you must have the energy reserves necessary to bring clarity, productivity, and vitality into what you are doing.  Here are a number of simple ways to focalize and magnify your energy toward the field of your excellence:

      • Prioritize your life’s work as one of the highest To Do’s on your list every day.  So, rather than attending to household chores and errands first, which can be very taxing on your energy and scatters your focus (when they can wait, of course), allocate your greatest reserves of energy and focus toward your work.
      • When you “sit down” to your life’s work, refrain from cluttering your mind with more chatter, things such as checking your email, perusing Instagram/Facebook, reading the news, online shopping, etc.  These things scatter your attention, scatters your energy, and brings less heart-centeredness and productivity toward your field.
      • Invest some time decluttering your work space so that your mind is less scattered by a multitude of file folders and knick-knacks, and instead can streamline its focus to what you are working on.
      • Rather than just talk or think about your work or goal, implement practical systems for manifesting it (applied effort).  Teal Swan gives a really nice example of this: if you are seeking a romantic relationship, for instance, a system for making this happen might be—Mondays, attend singles meet up nights at my community center; Thursdays, go to the dog park with Sparky and begin conversations with 3 women; weekends, look up and attend fun activities going on in my neighborhood/city and strike up conversations with 3 women here as well. 
      • Acknowledge when it is time, and also learn how, to delegate duties to others in your family, team, or business.  Often we are busying and spending our reserves of energy on things that others can help us with, things that can be outsourced for, and by the time we sit down to our work we’ve hardly got anything left.


You may also want to take stock of how you go about your day, and I mean minute by  minute—from the moment you wake up to the moment your head hits the pillow.  This will give you an idea of how you are spending your energy, and give you the opportunity to reevaluate your routine so that it might be a better reflection of who you really are and how you’d like to be living.  And I find it is very helpful to first focus on what you can release.  You can begin by asking yourself a few direct questions: what in your life actually scatters your focus/attention? what activities expend your energy or distract you from your joy of creation? in your surroundings, what riddles you with self-doubt and minimizes your power?  You can call upon your Sun energy (Leo) to assist you in doing things that people may judge you for, or that may appear harsh or confusing to some, as you continue to build a life that is more conducive to giving your gifts in the highest way.  In a nutshell: “how might you maximize your energy for the greatest amount of success doing that which you do best?” and know that you do not have to fear the answers that come to you.  For by doing the highest good for yourself, you do the highest good for those around you, even if they do not understand.  And as your relationship to your gifts, to your heart, and to the world matures, you will notice yourself becoming more magnanimous and gracious with your time and energy having acknowledged that a king’s ultimate aim is to be of service to the people.


Bottomline: Having entered into the time of Aquarius your focus begins to shift more outward into the world with a desire to share your gifts in contribution to the larger human family.  It is advised to take some time to assess how you can best conserve and then channel your energy toward your life’s work, rooting out aspects of your life or behavior that are depleting or self-defeating.  For some, this will be a time to implement systems for actualizing one’s work, while for others it will be  a time to enter into processes that will enable a deeper connection to one’s gifts.  But for everyone, this is a time ripe for sharing yourself with others.  The atmosphere is brimming with energy that will support the coming together of communities, building up of inner assets and collective ones, and becoming more attune to the needs as well as joys of those around you.

Blessings to our Human Family, 

Jane Oka Kaya Shin


* This association of Saturn with Time stems from humanity’s long enslavement to, and valuing of, Time as a resource: “time is money,” “if he doesn’t value my time, he doesn’t value me!” hourly wages, charging for one’s services by the hour, etc.  We have come to relate time with our value, and many of us see it as the one resource that we can choose to spend or to save.  However, taking a step back for a moment, we can see that time is not actually something that any of us can control—we can neither make nor take away time, and we certainly don’t spend time doing anything because none of us actually owns any time to spend!  For in actuality, time is an illusion that ceases to exist from the fifth dimension and beyond.  But it serves humanity within our dimension because we can use time as a reference point for relating to each other—as in, “let’s have tea together on Friday at 2 o’clock,” or “I’ll be taking the 9 AM yoga class on Saturday.”  We can also utilize it for relating to ourselves, observing our progress throughout our lifetime—“boy, I remember when I was in my twenties! how careless I was!” but look at me now…”  Time is not the crux of human value, while the relating to each other and ourselves is, and time is simply a reference point that was created for assisting our doing so.

** The winners of Alone, Seasons One & Two, I see as exemplary models of the Leonian energy.  However, most of the contestants exhibit highly developed Sun energy in general.  Check it out if you’re interested in getting a deeper sense of the energy of Leo, the divine masculine (Sun energy), and what it is to be the King of your kingdom (whether a man or woman).


Below is a chart comparing the Sun Sign dates of the Vedic and western astrological systems:

Vedic vs. Western Sun Sign Dates.png

And here are February & March at a glance: 

February & March 2020 at a glance.png

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