Christmas 2019 “Ring of Fire” Eclipse

Happy New Sun Everyone! 


On the morning of December 25th, we experience the rising of the “New Sun,” which in our age has come to be known as “Christmas,” but is an event that has been honored and celebrated for millennia prior to this renaming.  But regardless of what you call it, and according to some traditions, it is the first of a number of resets created by the play of the celestial bodies, for the reset is not yet complete until we have the first solar transit (mid-January, a.k.a. Makara Sankranti), and the first new moon after that (we call this “Chinese New Year” or “Lunar New Year”)—I will share the details of these energetics as those months arrive.

Side Note: My previous article on the Winter Solstice explains the events that lead up to the rise of the New Sun, which happens each year for the Northern Hemisphere following the Winter Solstice.  In my social media post regarding the Winter Solstice, I mentioned the origins of the word “Solstice,” which has its roots in latin, and is a combination of “sol” = sun & “stit” = stopped/stationary.  This refers to the apparent motion of the Sun appearing to “stand still” for the next 3 sunrises, for at the Winter Solstice the Sun reaches its southernmost point on the horizon and will rise at this point for 3 days, after which it appears to move northward once again, and this apparent motion northward is what is referred to as the “Birth of the New Sun.”  To read my Winter Solstice article, follow the link here: Winter Solstice 2019

planets-align-not-e1419347880770.jpg Interestingly, this year’s New Sun, or Christmas, is accompanied by some pretty rare and intense energies.  You may have heard of the “Ring of Fire” eclipse that we will be experiencing on the night of the 25th at 9:18pm PST, which follows the new moon in Sagittarius at 9:13pm PST, however, of equal importance is the huge stellium of celestial bodies that are all hanging out in Sagittarius at this time—a whopping 6!—Mercury, Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Ketu (the Southern Eclipse Point), and Saturn.  With such a gathering, the energy of Sagittarius is no doubt highlighted, and in this article I will be briefly discussing how this energetic exchange may be playing out for us.

Read more about the astronomy of the Annular Solar Eclipse here:


Sagittarius is the masculine expression of Jupiter, or Guru, symbolically represented as the hunter, for it is that aspect of us that is inspired, optimistic, generous, connected to higher principles—which can play out as a philosophical nature or even a religious one.  However, as Sagittarius is a fire sign, it has a tendency to express itself in a forceful, often aggressive way, so be cautious about becoming preachy, judgement or set on your own opinions and beliefs, and even becoming a bit self-righteous.  This can give us further insight into the hunter being depicted with a bow and arrow for he has a sure line of sight and is focused on his target, but with this type of focus can  also become myopic or even narrow-minded.  However, with Jupiter being Swakshetra, or in its own sign, as well as Moolatrikona, in his favorite sign, this energy has the potential to be very intelligent—so if heated discussions do arise, rather than disengaging right away with the awkward, uncomfortable feelings that may come up, you may take it as an opportunity to work through it, and a deeper understanding and connection can come about because you’ve been willing to stick it out without abandoning the situation.  On the other hand, the issues that come up may be extremely internal as is often the case with new moon energy, but no matter how things come to the surface, choosing to stay rather than abandon, is the higher expression of Guru that you have the opportunity to access here. 


With the eclipse happening with Ketu, the Southern Eclipse Point, there is a portal open to the past, and can bring the opportunity to work with lineage traumas, childhood woundings, and all-around far reaching issues that need your/your family’s attention.  Rather than avoiding and skirting issues, which is our general way of meeting such encounters, you might take this as an opportunity to work on what has come up.  And although we may not be able to bring resolution to issues right away (especially wounds that are so deep), by simply bringing your attention to it and setting your intention to heal it, the universe will bring forth further opportunities for you to bring it to completion and integration (as well as the support you need to help you through it).  Furthermore, with Mercury in Sandhi, or transition, during the early part of the day, your ability to communicate what you are experiencing may not be as articulate or fluid as usual, or you may choose to be silent altogether.  Again, rather than fixating on the idea of having to fix things right away, know that your awareness, acknowledgement, and choice not to abandon the situation is more than enough to begin the process of healing and integration.


Bottomline: the time is ripe for journeying deeply into family issues, bringing awareness to lineage traumas and scars that take the form of childhood wounds.  As we are in the transition from one lunar phase to another (the new moon happens at 9:13pm PST), there is no need to try to force a change or resolution at this time, but instead allow it to naturally form into an intention for the newly developing lunar phase.  Conversely, this doesn’t have to be a painful time—for many of us, this is a time to deepen family connections and connections with others in general, as we reflect on what we have been through together and how we’ve grown together because we’ve been willing to invest time, energy, and trust in one another.  Remember, Jupiter is Guru, the most auspicious one, so no matter the form your New Sun beginnings take, you are sure to expand and grown immensely for having remained present for what has arisen.  And my last words: please honor yourself and your inner child, your essence—guide yourself compassionately into these intense places, and when your heart asks for space and rest, allow yourself to follow your heart’s guidance to nurture your inner needs, for the universe will continue to bring these opportunities to you, and there is no need to rush. 

Blessings to your family connections,

Oka Kaya


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