Bringing Completion to the “Self” Concept


Happy New Moon in Libra! 

On the morning of Wednesday, November 7th 2018, at 0802 PST (08:02am), we experience the new moon in the sign of Libra, and begin a fresh new lunar phase!  For those of you who have been following these articles, you will remember that we’ve been experiencing the energetic phenomenon known as Sandhi, loosely defined in English as “transitioning,” since the Summer, and here we are again working through the solar transition between the new moon cycle.  And we will continue to see this dynamic play out through the rest of the year.  So to make things as clear as possible, check out the chart below of the celestial movements this month: 

November at a Glance.png

The new moon occurs when the Sun & Moon are together in the same sign, and the exact time of the new moon occurs when the two luminaries are at the same degree in the sign from our vantage point on Earth.  So the new moon occurring in Libra signifies that the Sun also is in the sign of LIBRA—I emphasize this because those that follow the western astrological system (even loosely) may be under the impression that the Sun has already moved into the sign of Scorpio, but that doesn’t actually take place until Friday, November 16th.  And because the Sun will have moved into the sign of Scorpio by then, we experience the full moon in TAURUS on Thursday, November 22nd—for the full moon is when the Sun and Moon are exactly opposite each other at the same degrees from our vantage point on Earth, and here, Sun is in Scorpio, and Moon is in Taurus at the time of the full moon.  These are just some technicalities that are important to note as we shift from the western astrological system, which is stuck in the past nearly 2000 years, and become current again with where everything is on the skydome around us in real time.  The system of Vedic Astrology, which is the science this article is based on, is not only from a science and culture that is millennia old, but is also a system that uses CURRENT ASTRONOMICAL PHENOMENA.  More information on this at the end of this article, and to come in the future. 


The new moon in Libra also marks the halfway point of our travels across the ecliptic from the “Natural First Sign” of the zodiac, Aries.  So in terms of the celestial lessons we’ve had the opportunity to focus on since the “Astrological New Year” in Aries, we have spanned these themes thus far:

    • ARIES: Our personal identity and our singular experience of human life (natural first sign & house)
    • TAURUS: Our values, security, and stability, now that we have made it through the first phase of coming into existence (natural second sign & house)
    • GEMINI: Our desire to explore our personal interests, learn about the world in which we live, collect information about the human experience, and share what we have collected (natural third sign & house)
    • CANCER: Our peace of mind, and what we have in our hearts based on the first three phases of our life (natural fourth sign & house)
    • LEO: Our creative intelligence & power, and personal human technology that we cannot help but share with the world (natural fifth sign & house)
    • VIRGO: Our efforts, debts, obstacles, injuries, i.e. all the things that we have to do in order to bring forth our creations into the world, and how we approach these challenges (natural sixth sign & house) 

mysore-sand-sculpture.jpgAnd now we come to a new point of maturity with our celestial lessons, for in Libra, we begin to see the mirror reflection of these first 6 signs.  And the mirror of Libra is Aries.  Aries is the sign where we explore our self concept as ‘I’ consciousness and experience, and Libra is where we explore our self concept as “other.”  The mirror effect shows the first 6 signs as having to do with our singular concept, but as we enter into the 7th sign, we now bloom into a more expansive life arena as we enter into the world of “other.”  But the larger celestial lesson here is that “other,” is another view of your self.  This dynamic supports our reconciliation of duality through real time, through real experience—we have the opportunity to realize that ‘I’ and ‘other,’ are the yin & yang of the complete picture of SELF.

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus—and in Libra, Venus expresses its masculine aspect (whereas its feminine aspect is reflected in Taurus).  Meaning, Venus turns outward, rather than inward.  Venus, the planet of beauty, art, & culture, now seeks to find the beauty of human relations.  Where Aries is concerned about “my opinions, and how I see and experience the world,” Venus is fascinated about “your opinions, how others see and experience the world.”  So in the Northern Hemisphere where we are experiencing the move into Fall and Winter, this is the time we seek to connect with others and reflect deeply on our relationships with others and the world at large.  We begin to cozy down with our families and loved ones during the holiday season, and begin to broaden our connections and understanding of the human experience, expanding our concept of life.  We come to truly care about others and the world when we understand that others are my very self.  As Teal Swan expresses so beautifully, Love is taking something as part of yourself—so when you truly love someone of something, you recognize that that being is a part of you, and so naturally its well-being becomes of your utmost concern, and what happens to it, feels as though it is happening to you.  So when you love someone, you seek to listen and understand that person, so as to know how you might help in a way that truly benefits them, rather than coming from a place of assuming you know what that person feels, wants, and needs.

Interestingly, during this time, we are also deep in the retrograde cycle of Venus, and we have been since October 5th.  Whenever we are in retrograde motion of a planet, we are given the opportunity to “look back,” on the themes of that planet.  So you may have noticed within the ether that many people are reflecting back on their past or current relationships in a deep, deep way.  In my sphere, I have noticed many people either reconnecting with past relationships and deepening friendships, while others are literally getting back with old partners, and others who are in long term committed relationships have taken a step back to reassess the dynamic of their unions—figuratively or literally.   And I have seen some pretty tremendous and positively uplifting decisions being made that are well beyond selfishness and childish demands—people are making some really tough decisions for the sake of their deep love and commitment to their loved ones.  I attribute this intelligence with Venus being in her own sign of Libra at this time, where she is extremely powerful.  In Vedic Astrology, Libra is the Moolatrikona sign for Venus—her preferred house of the two (of Libra and Taurus), for this is where she can most shine for the world.

01e083586f3b756a50f919916138cb2a.jpgSo, during this time, the celestial lesson focuses on our expanding consciousness through the consideration of “other”—what are their needs, their desires, their dreams and aspirations?  But as the sign of Libra is represented by the scales, it reminds us that to find completion to one’s self involves acknowledging and exalting BOTH one’s own personal needs and desires, while simultaneously acknowledging and exalting the needs and desires of an other.  And… that this is completely possible… this is the truth of the world we live in, but in order to come to this place, it is of utmost importance to become intimately in tune with what your true heart’s desires are.  And to do so, we must fully allow and completely participate in the process of life, which helps to strip away all that does not serve the higher self.  And as we travel this beautiful journey together, we serve one another as mirrors to help reflect what is true and what is false.  For when we continue to harm and hurt others, it ultimately effects us in such a deep way, and if we resist these moments when such hurts come to light, we further disconnect from others, and thusly from our very selves.

And at the waxing phase of every new moon cycle, we come to a new beginning—we have the luminaries supporting us as we create new intentions, new projects, new adventures, new partnerships in business, new jobs, even new hair cuts!  So this is a great time to set these heart intentions into motion.  And with the energy of Libra so strong and active, the universe has got your back when turning to approach even your toughest of relationship ties—whether they be friendships, partnerships, family relations, or business related.  It’s a great time to see things from another’s shoes, to ask questions, to seek to understand, and to shed the tough exterior of feeling you already know something, and allow your relationships to teach you and expand your world.

Blessings for beautiful connections and expanding love,

Jane Oka Kaya Shin



 Below is a chart comparing the dates of the Sun’s transit through the signs in both systems.  For those born mid-month, the Sun sign may be the same for both systems (depending on the exact day); for everyone else, however, our Sun sign is actually one sign back from what we had in the Western system.  This is due to “Precession of the Earth’s motion” around its axis.  

Unknown copy 2.jpegThe Earth’s axis rotates (precesses) just as a spinning top does. The period of precession is about 26,000 years. Therefore, the North Celestial Pole will not always point towards the same starfield. Precession is caused by the gravitational pull of the Sun and the Moon on the Earth, and is about ~50 arc seconds per year.


SUN SIGNS of the Vedic and Western systems:

Vedic & Western Calendar Dates copy 2.png

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