Our Beginnings – The Creation of the Universe


The article below is actually the script I used for a video I made for my YouTube channel, The Great Youdini.  If you’d like to link directly to that video, click HERE


Our Story, Part 1:

Our Beginnings – The Creation of the Universe


What went into the creation of our humanity? what does that reveal about what we are experiencing in the present time? and what might that mean for where we are headed?  And because our experience of consciousness through human life is so vastly complex, it is my intention to be as detailed as necessary, to give a rich illustration of our “set up” here.  And so… I will be presenting this material in multiple parts.

In this video, we will explore the birth of our universe through what has been dubbed the, “MOTHER SCIENCE”—for from this science is birthed our understanding of all other concepts.  This “Mother Science,” is the ancient science of VEDIC ASTROLOGY.

Vedic Astrology comes from the Vedic Culture, which eventually gave birth to Bharata, now known as India, and is also the source of the more well known science of Yoga, or the Science of Self-Realization.  And as these sciences come from a tradition on the opposite side of the planet, I find it so helpful in providing us such a different perspective of life, further helping us realize that life is much bigger than just the western ideology and way of living.  And this recognition, in itself, can be so hugely valuable to expanding consciousness.

Now, the Vedic Culture is based on a very old knowledge system called the Veda, which translates as “knowledge,” and is held to be the highest of all wisdom.  The Veda is known as apaursheya, or “beyond Man” as it transcends history, and any manmade ideology, religion, doctrine, or culture, taking us straight to the essence of our existence—that we are infinite beings undergoing this immense human experience through which we continue the expansion of conscious; and, that we are divinity itself—reflections of the ONE singular thread that weaves together all things.  The sages and seers of the Vedic Culture referred to this truth of who we are as SANATANA DHARMA, and all sciences and arts from the Vedic Culture are rooted in this truth.  And the great news is the teachings of the Veda are available and open to all that are “awake,” and who earnestly seek the truth of who we are.

Vedic Astrology is actually called Jyotish in Sanskrit, which comes from the root jyoti, meaning “light” or “eye,” and ish from ishwara, meaning “Divine,” “God,” “Nature,” or “Source,” and so, can be understood as the science & practice of gaining the divine vision of life.  And so, Jyotish is referred to as the “Eye of the Vedas,” or the “Mother Science,” as it gives us the BIGGER PICTURE OF LIFE, allowing us to make much more sense of all the little things that happen in our own personal, localized experience of existence.

Now, this may be a bit strange or foreign to many of us westerners who have grown up amidst the cultural atmosphere of the Judeo-Christian ethic, which pervades the very foundations of western culture—no matter if one grew up in a religious home environment or not.  So to think that one could have the “vision of God,” could quite possibly be condemned as something blasphemous, even sacrilegious, or perhaps simply—preposterous! for in the pervading cultural paradigm of the west, there is the belief that there is only ONE GOD, and most of us believe this to be Yeshua, or Jesus, the Christ (i.e. someone other than myself); whereas in Eastern thought, the belief is that ALL IS GOD, that all is a reflection of divinity, in all its perfection.  And so, the Christ, like the Buddha and other self-realized beings, serves as a prophet or messiah, through the course of Man’s history, to remind us of Man’s divinity—supporting the expansion of consciousness.  This may give deeper insight to our humanity being known as the “Children of God”—for what do we know of children? they are the very stuff of their parents, meaning, yes, YOU are the Divine One, YOU are Source itself, YOU are God.

So today, we will get to know ourselves a bit more deeply through an understanding of the beginnings of our vast and magnificent universe, through the cosmological perspective of Vedic and Daoist thought.


This is the Brahmananda, “joy of creation” or “womb of creation,” and as the name implies, our universe was created from an essence of great joy and celebration.  This is an ancient symbol of our universe in its “egg” or “seed” state, and it represents the infinite potential within our universe.  And like a seed, there are many others out there… just as your singular experience began with you in the womb, in your “seed state,” or like an acorn, with the essence of the great oak tree always within it, but for now, within a state of potential energy.  And as the Brahmananda represents a seed or womb, it suggests that our universe is but one of an infinite number of universes, just as a single seed or a single child in utero, is but one of an infinite number.

So here we have infinite potential in this Brahmananda but nothing appears to be happening, and not until what the scientists have dubbed the “Big Bang,” occurs, do we enter into the phase where material substance begins to take shape.  The “Big Bang” is said to have accord nearly 13.8 billion years ago.

In the Vedic tradition, this is referred to as the Shabda Brahman, “the creator as word or sound,” which is known as OM.  This phenomenon is also described through the Judeo-Christian tradition through the Book of Genesis: “In the Beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God…”  So within the depths of this “Big Zero,” is contained everything, even this sacred sound vibration, OM, which is the sound form of God.  And the vibration OM is the catalyst for the emergence of Shakti—which is the divine feminine energy—and is what makes creation possible.  Without Shakti, this infinite potential for existence remains completely dormant, for Shakti represents the most powerful force in the universe—GRAVITY—that which holds everything together…  As the theoretical physicist, Nassim Haramein says, “[Gravity] is that which is at the center of existence, the force that holds to the center, the mother that holds the child.

 330px-Shiv_lingam_Tripundra.jpgOnce Shakti emerges from the depths of the Brahmananda, we experience for the first time in this universe, otherness, and thus, duality is born.  This new phenomenon of duality, is represented through a symbol known as the Shivalingum, which is essentially the Brahmananda being held within the universal Yoni—creating the Divine Union.  And the Brahmananda, now having become the other to Shakti, comes to be known as Shiva, and is also why this symbol, the brahmananda, is more commonly referred to as a Shivalingum, as it means “symbol of Shiva.”

In the Daoist cosmology, this phenomenon is expressed very poetically, albeit simply as, “One became two…” and is illustrated through the symbol of the Taijitu, better known as the Yin-Yang  symbol:

80ab783cffcba0ea6a43cdeb33bdb9d2--taijiquan-qi-gong.jpgSo this top circle is Wuji—the “Big Zero,” the Brahmananda—and with the sacred sound vibration OM, comes the second symbol, Taiji—expressing the emergence of Shakti, the most powerful force in the universe; this Daoist symbol is the equivalent of the Vedic Shivalingum.  Interestingly, this phenomenon is also described in Genesis, as “Eve coming forth from the rib of Adam.”  And now, with the help of Shakti, or gravity, things start to take shape, which is represented by this third symbol—the Taijitu, or Yin-Yang.

I really appreciate the simplicity of the Daoist expression of our cosmology, but this little beauty gives us some additional interesting clues about our origins… for the structure of this symbol shows manifest creation, or material formation, as spreading outwards from its center.  Haramein uses the examples of the rings of Saturn, and the moons of Jupiter, as well as the structure of our own solar system—for you’ll notice that the orbits of the planets are around the center of the Sun.

Double Torus.gif

The scientific community expresses this phenomenon shown through the Shivalingum, through the energetic structure of the double-torus, where energy is moving in opposing directions and is converging at the center, and it is through this center that matter is projected outward.  This same energetic dynamic has been observed by the yogis as the primary pranic motions, or the motions of life force energy, within the human system.  These are called prana vayu and apana vayu, and illustrates that the same principles governing the universe governs the human being—that from inner energetic sources, spring forth outer material manifestations.


In Vedic Astrology, these centers of the double-tori, are referred to as Graha—the point that “grabs,” or “grasps.”  This Sanskrit word, Graha, gives us an understanding of the celestial bodies as unique points of energy, and that their material appearance and properties are an expression of their energetic qualities—the material expression being a complete reflection of the energy that birthed it.  Whereas the English word, “planet,” from the Greek for “wanderer,” has become associated with a material mass, rather than an energy.  But at the beginning of creation, we don’t see masses being hurled into space, rather, like any seed bringing forth life, it is a gradual process of development—and when we’re dealing with the scale of our universe, that developmental process spans billions of years.

So through the sacred union of Shiva and Shakti, comes the birth of the primary players on our universal stage: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth (with Moon), Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, as though a net were cast out from the center.  And again, as our universal evolution spans billions of years, at the inception of our universe, we do not see planetary energies with full material form just yet, rather, they too, began as the solar system began, as a seed, each their own microcosm of the brahmananda.

As you can see, we are living in such an exciting time in our human history, as we are seeing the union of science and metaphysics right on the horizon… For instance, very recently, Nassim Haramein, presented to the public his work on the “Unified Field Theory,” also known as the “Theory of Everything.”  Through his presentation, he not only mathematically proves the Oneness of the Universe, he also demonstrates that the theory of the universe coming to form through randomness, is impossible—that there is a unifying intelligence, or pattern, governing all things, and that it is the very ether, or SPACE, itself, that holds the essence of the universe within it; meaning, the very space we inhabit is God.

So I’d like to share with you an excerpt from Nassim Haramein’s talk, explaining this concept…

How are we all ONE? what is that which connects all things? what would we find? the only answer we can come up with is… SPACE.  Space is EVERYWHERE—between galaxies, between quaisars, between cells, between atoms.  And atoms, don’t touch!—do you realize that you have never “touched” anything? nothing! nothing touches! if things started to touch we would have fusion, and it would be a problem.  In fact, when you so call “touch something,” there is a lot of space in between, all there is is an interaction between electromagnetic fields bouncing off each other.  Nothing is actually touching anywhere, at any point, at any time.  Even when you look into an atom, it is 99.999999% SPACE.  All of the material world you see around you, everything you are looking at, your body, everything is 99.999999% SPACE.  It’s mostly SPACE with a teeny eeny weeny little wiggle.  And we pay so much attention to the wiggle.  Maybe we are paying too much attention to the .00000001%, maybe we should pay attention to the 99.9999999%.  Maybe the material world is a function of the space itself, maybe space just divides itself, and where it divides itself there is a little wiggle and we see it as reality.  Maybe it’s not matter that defines space, but space that defines matter.  Maybe SPACE is the function/source of all the material world—it’s everywhere, it would be able to connect all things, it would be connecting everything!  Everything radiates into the space, so the space would know what everything is doing.  It could be the organizing agent.

So, if this is true, then space cannot be empty.  If space is the general active side—meaning, if space is the part that generates all of the explosion, if space is the source of matter, then space has to be FULL.  Is there evidence that space is full instead of empty? yes, there is.  When you look at the atom, it looks like a little oscillator, and if you try to figure out, in the oscillation, what is the smallest oscillation of the system, the smallest level of energy, you find that you can keep dividing, and keep dividing, and keep dividing, so you get infinite amount of energy.  The vacuum structure inside the atom is oscillating with infinite amount of energy.  So you would ask, why does it look like the vacuum? why does it look like empty space if it’s infinite amount of energy?  Well, maybe it’s because an infinite amount of frequencies would all cancel out, and that would appear to you as “nothingness.”  But where it doesn’t fully cancel out, where there is a little bit of organization then you would see it as the material world.  So all of a sudden the material world is a function of the oscillation of the space itself.  It’s just a teeny itty bitty part of what is actually there.

I have included a link to Haramein’s 2010 presentation in Spain: HARAMEIN, and although it is over 6 hours long, it is a well spring of knowledge.  So if it piques your interest, I highly recommend checking it out.

Stayed tuned for Part 2!


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