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Happy New Moon in Virgo!

On the evening of 8 October 2018, at 1947 PST (7:47 PM), we experience the shift into a new lunar phase—this time beginning in the sign of Virgo, the Virgin Maiden.  For those of you who’ve been following these articles, you will remember that we’ve been “in transition,” (between signs) or Sandhi, during much of this year’s lunar phases, and we will continue to see this dynamic carried on through the year.  And so, to keep things as clear as possible, refer to the chart below for an overview of the month’s happenings:

Oct 2018 at a Glance.png

We begin this phase with the Sun and Moon joined in the sign of Virgo (according to current Astronomy, and Vedic Astrology), but on 17 October, the Sun moves into the sign of Libra, which leads us to experience the full moon on 24 October, in Aries (opposite Libra).  You may be hearing out there that the new moon is in Libra this month, in which case you can know that your source is using the mainstream western astrological system, whereas the calculations, interpretations, and reports that I offer will always be coming from the system of Vedic Astrology.  In short, these dates are different due to Vedic Astrology being a system that stays true to current astronomical placements and phenomena, while the mainstream western system still uses dates that were determined nearly 2000 years ago, and has not accounted for the fact that all things are in flux and nothing in this universe ever stays the same.  More on this to come.


While experiencing Sandhi, we have the opportunity to revisit the theme we were learning for the majority of the previous phase, but with the fresh insight, and renewed vigor of being at the waxing, or growing phase, of a cycle.  With this feeling of newness we can reexamine the themes of Virgo—our ability to organize our life with routines and rituals to increase our daily productivity in order to realize our dreams.  This is based on the progression of the zodiac moving from Leo through Virgo through Libra—in Leo, we were given the opportunity to deepen our connection to our truth as a creative being—a force of nature to be reckoned with, with the ability to adapt to any challenge and change.  Then as we move into Virgo, the theme naturally moves into the field of life where we root our creative identity (Leo) with our ability to put plans into effect (Virgo) for the fruition of our creative genius.  

As Leo is a fire sign, its energy focuses on passion, inspiration, instinct & intuition, creativity & transformation.  But being inspired by our dreams and passions is just one step of the journey… The zodiac teaches us that to realize our dreams, it requires day-to-day task-keeping and a systematic, methodical approach, represented by the sign of Virgo— constantly seen analyzing her “to do” lists, and with daily planner in tow.  Think of your middle school class secretary—super organized, a bit of a perfectionist, a clear, direct communicator, a “gets things done” kind of person that thinks in terms of processes and systems… NERD ALERT!  And this is the power of the earth element, for it helps us “ground” our dreams with practical, rational steps and focused work, bringing forth success to our material manifestations, for after all, our dreams are realized on the material plane…

Virgo is the 6th sign of the Natural Zodiac, and thus is closely connected to the implications of the 6th house, or Ripu Bhava, the house of obstacles, debts, and disease—but no need to be scared off by this title… for this is the power of the Virgin—she is a healer of the highest order, and can be one of the strongest empathic energies of the zodiac, as these are the circumstances that sets the stage for her greatest gifts to come to light.  As she tackles the problems (think “math problems”) of obstacles, debts, and disease, she learns to think systematically and methodically to put a plan into action, then channels her mental focus toward going step by step through this process.  Thus, this is the energy of the social worker, community cause volunteer; that person in your family that gives practical advice and help when it can be given.  However, this is also the energy of the event planner, the book keeper, the scientific researcher, or journalist.

So here at the beginning of this new phase, you may consider taking a moment to write out what some of your dreams and aspirations are, as well as what challenges you are met with currently (i.e. obstacles, debts, physical challenges).  Then, connecting to your truth as a creative genius (Leo—you are the king of your own inner kingdom), know that you have the ability to meet these challenges, and that if it were not for them, what would be the catalyst to bring forth your greatest creations of human genius? (Ever check out the show, ALONE?)  Then, allow yourself to brainstorm possible solutions and resources, as well as make note of questions you might have or areas where you might need to do a little more research.  You can start to play with possible plans of action, or perhaps, identify starting points of research that will undoubtedly lead you to other avenues of information, ideas, and inspiration.

The caution here is two-fold: first, Virgo is the most cautious sign of the zodiac, so you may find yourself ruminating, and ruminating, in a kind of endless loop of devising ideas/plans, collecting information, then revising ideas/plans, collecting more information—falling into an abyss of mental tetris and ultimately staying “grounded” in a way that resembles being cemented to the earth.  Secondly, Virgo’s tendency is to be practical to the extreme, and coupled with her cautious nature, this can lead to a boxy, unimaginative way of life—following to do lists and plans with a kind of tunnel vision, which can eventually lead one astray from the inspirations and dreams that led to setting those plans in the first place.  The guidance of the heavens is shown through the completion point of Virgo being the sign of Pisces, which is the sign opposite, and reveals the need to dream, flow, imagine, create, live by inspiration and be led by intuition.  So even as we formulate plans of action for more productive and healthy routines and daily rituals, it’ll be very helpful to check back in with WHAT INSPIRES YOU to take on this daily grind?

And as the Sun moves into the sign of Libra on 17 October, we get a sneak peek of the next phase we will be entering… We have reestablished focus and effort here at the beginning of the phase, but ultimately this forthcoming shift will allow us to experience a HUGE expansion of our self- and world- concept, for what Libra teaches is that WE CANNOT DO THIS ALONE, AND THAT WE WERE NEVER MEANT TO… And that the fullness of one’s own personal identity is completely reflected through one’s relationships with others.  Thus, we will be given opportunities to not only be of assistance to others, but to learn the art of seeking the support of others without sacrificing one’s autonomy.

Wishing you a beautiful lunar journey!

Jane Oka Kaya Shin



 Below is a chart comparing the dates of the Sun’s transit through the signs in both systems.  For those born mid-month, the Sun sign may be the same for both systems (depending on the exact day); for everyone else, however, our Sun sign is actually one sign back from what we had in the Western system.  This is due to “Precession of the Earth’s motion” around its axis.  

The Earth’s axis rotates (precesses) just as a spinning top does. The period of precession is about 26,000 years. Therefore, the North Celestial Pole will not always point towards the same starfield. Precession is caused by the gravitational pull of the Sun and the Moon on the Earth, and is about ~50 arc seconds per year.

Unknown copy 2.jpeg


SUN SIGNS of the Vedic and Western systems:

Vedic & Western Calendar Dates copy.png

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