In this Lunar Phase, we become more acquainted with ‘Sacred Union’

On June 13th 2018, at 1143 PST, we came to the start of a new lunar cycle.  This one, and many of this year’s lunar cycles to follow, present the opportunity to go more deeply into explaining what some of the energetic interpretations from people like myself, actually look like in the heavens surrounding us.  This is due to the interesting, and I guess ‘out of the ordinary,’ phenomenon of this new moon being the second in Taurus—just like we had last month!

In short: In my previous article at the new moon in Taurus on 15 May, I described how the conscious landscape was opening to deeply observing one’s connection to the things that we value, as this is the energetic emphasis of the zodiac sign of Taurus.  Interestingly, at this phase’s new moon, we find that the Sun is still in the sign of Taurus!—making this the second New Moon in Taurus this year.  However, just a coupla’ days afterward, the Sun moves into the zodiac sign of Gemini, so for the vast majority of this cycle, we will be exploring the themes of the Mercury-ruled sign of Gemini.

To illustrate:

15 May 2018 : New Moon in Taurus (first occurrence)

– Sun & Moon together in Taurus at ~00:27 degrees, meaning that both celestial bodies have just barely entered this sign (they are both located below 1 degree!)

29 May 2018 : Full Moon in Scorpio (sign opposite Taurus)

A full moon occurs when Sun and Moon are opposite each other, and Earth is between the two experiencing the “full lumination”* of the earth-facing side of the Moon

– Sun is ~14 degrees, Taurus

– Moon is ~ 14 degrees, Scorpio (sign opposite)


13 June 2018 : New Moon in Taurus (second occurrence)

– Sun & Moon together (again) in Taurus, but this time past ~28 degrees, meaning that both celestial bodies are just about to move into the next sign of Gemini.  For me, it is helpful to think of the Sun as similar to the hour hand of a clock, while the Moon, the minute hand

15 June 2018 : Sun moves into next sign of Gemini

– Sun is starting its new phase here in Gemini, and so most of this current phase will actually be ripe for exploring the themes of this Mercury-ruled sign


This phenomenon that we are experiencing is known in Vedic Astrology as, Sandhi, or “in transition.”  It can be likened to the transition of moving from one home to another—our bags are packed from the previous residence, and so one is not fully able to engage in that space; and some of the boxes are now loaded onto the moving truck in transit, also preventing us from fully engaging in the space we are headed.  This is a time when things may feel very raw and vulnerable, for we may not feel fully here nor there—still reflecting back upon the themes of the last period, perhaps not having found the definitive closure we were seeking at the waning phase of the last cycle.  And, still having a good bit of focus on the themes of the last cycle, we may not feel completely free to embark on the new lessons upon us.  Basically, not feeling that clean, snappy transition into a new start, which is generally characteristic of beginning a new lunar phase.  But 2-3 days into the cycle, and we will feel much more connected to the Gemini energy within us, especially because Gemini can be super stimulated, active, and go-go-go!

To explain Sandhi experientially… this may indicate that the lessons from the previous Taurean cycle had the potential to take us very, very deep into its world.  We may have found it remarkably illuminating, expansive, personally transformative, and we are still reeling from the impact—we may even have experienced something toward the tail-end of this cycle that made us stop a bit stunned in our tracks, to reassess what we thought we had learned/gained.  As a recap, Taurus is where we assess the things that we value, where we explore the idea of ‘value’ itself.  And as Taurus is a Venus-ruled sign, Taurus’ themes will always be connected to our material existence, and the nature of our relationships to our stuff, our relations, and our environment.  And Venus will always lean toward the direction of comfort, pleasure, enjoying the good stuff of material life.  We may have had the opportunity to invest our monies in material things, getting a better experiential idea of how what we spend our money on is a reflection of what we value.  Taurus’ arena is also very deeply connected to our relations with others (again, being ruled by Venus, the planet of relationships).  So there may have been a great deal of reevaluating and reassessing what we value in our relationships with others—what do I seek in friendships, business as well as romantic partnerships? etc.

And as we move into the energetics of Gemini, we see things like what is written about 3 paragraphs above… CALCULATIONS! HAH!… data collecting/sharing… information seeking, and especially communicating… altogether a great deal of cerebral activity and stimulation.  As we move into this phase, we acknowledge a time ripe for cultivating Jnana Yoga—the Yoga of the intellect.  A foundational part of this Yoga is to identify and cultivate one’s ability to be the neutral observer of one’s thoughts—that part of us that can think about thinking—“meta-cognition,” being a modern term for this phenomenon.  Without disassociating from one’s self, we have the ability to find that part of us which is Sakshi, or the “silent witness,” of our life and all the little-bitty details that make up our psyche and thus our energetic contribution into this world.  This is a time to really indulge our intellectual curiosities, to ask questions of all types—and as Mercury is a planet led by its passion to know and experience more (no atmosphere = no barriers), it is most happy when unimpeded by the survival mechanisms of fear and self-preservation—meaning there is a big part of us that wants to feel completely free to ask any and all questions, and to explore and investigate any place for a greater and deeper understanding of the world we live in, and what these things might mean about our existence altogether.  This is a great time to tap into the larger community for information, to share one’s findings, and make connections through these modalities—further expanding the global and universal consciousness.

Gemini, also being the third sign of the natural zodiac, carries with it the implications of the 3rd house, which additionally illuminates that this is a time to explore one’s own interests, try new things, seek out new lands, etc. as a way of more deeply connecting to one’s self as an INDIVIDUATED  being.  In Jnana Yoga, a very important practice is Neti, Neti, or “not this, not this”—revealing that we learn about who we are and what we like by allowing ourselves to explore possibilities, and then weeding things out, i.e. through TRIAL & ERROR.  The Daoists have a similar practice where we come to understand who we are by better understanding that which we are not.  All in all, these practices emphasize the passionate and open approach of Gemini to learn, grow, expand through trying things out with a child-like enthusiasm and curiosity.

Finally, Gemini is known as Mithuna in Sanskrit, meaning “sacred union” or the sexual act, and is not two male twins, but a man and woman, representing the divine couple.  This symbol represents the reconciliation of seeming opposites to bring about a completion, and one way Gemini will go about this is through the examination of new information against what was previously understood.  But as Gemini is the masculine aspect of Mercury, and thus externally oriented, it has the tendency to be rather over-stimulated and sometimes quite insatiable in its desire to collect the new, often neglecting the importance of the integration and the inward process—but, of course, this is where the potential of completion becomes available.

And in an already highly cerebral culture, Gemini’s connection with intellectual analysis, and intellectual expansion can become extremely, and even dangerously, over-stimulated, possibly leading to nervous system overload or even nervous disorders or breakdown.  Being mindful of caffeine intake at this time can be very helpful, as well as taking time to integrate—meaning NO THINKING, just being—taking breaks in natural settings help immensely, as well as grounding oneself in spiritual practice through some form of meditation.

Then on Wednesday, 27 June 2018, 2053 PST, we experience the full moon in Sagittarius (opposite Gemini).  And as much as it is important to talk about Gemini, where the Sun resides for most of this phase (showing what energy is being “illuminated”), it is also very important to explore and study its opposite.  Due to our Western cultural background, I notice our tendency to think of opposites as mutually exclusive, while in Eastern thought it is that the seeming opposites are polar-phenomenon that mutually co-exist within a whole idea, and are seeking reconciliation to bring completion to that idea.  Thus, Gemini is the Yang of our story during this phase, while Sagittarius is the Yin.  Although the two have important stand-alone ideas to share with us, we can actually better connect to them as individuated ideas when we understand their counterparts.  Without Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, Mercury-ruled Gemini can become a bunch of disembodied ideas—the scientist that has his eyes focused through the lens of a microscope or in mathematical calculations, not being able to see/feel how these observations and calculations are that which he is interacting with in his very life.  The Jupiterian aspects being reflected through Sagittarius are very much about what larger philosophical meaning and purpose we can create from the information we’ve gathered through our mercurial curiosity for information.  We have the ability to connect the information we’ve gathered into a deeper understanding of who we are, and what we are doing in this world—finding inspiration, support, and guidance from that which is holding this divine tapestry together.  The full moon in Sagittarius can also present the opportunity to reflect on what it is that I am sharing with the world—how am I interpreting information, and what feeling am I infusing into my communication.  So the seeming-opposites of this axis reveal to us that both information/science, and belief/faith play and grow together as they share this intimate and sacred dance of eternal, mutual expansion.

The Bottomline: An interesting beginning to this phase—our second new moon in Taurus at just over ~28 degrees (13 June), then 2 days later the Sun moves into Gemini (15 June) where it will be for about a month (as per ‘usual’).  In this Gemini phase, we will experience an upsurge for wanting to gather information, and to TALK, TALK TALK!—or at least to listen to a lot of talk.  And so this may also be a time we become more involved with social media and other forms of communication—podcasts, lectures, informative videos, etc.  This is also a time to observe our communication between ourselves and other people (what does my communication reflect about how I view reality?)

Beautiful gatherings and communications!

Jane Oka Kaya Shin

ps. I will be sharing a separate article at the Summer Solstice, and thus did not mention it here.  I am considering doing a chart reading of this year’s exact occurrence of the Summer Solstice, i.e. the Summer Solstice is to occur at 0307 PST, 21 June 2018, and I will draw up a birth chart and present what this season holds for us :o)

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