New Moon in Taurus: To be en garde as we explore the Pleasure Dome?

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

This morning at 0348 PST, we came to the New Moon in Taurus—at barely 00:27 degrees!*  In our last lunar phase in Aries, we had the opportunity to explore the fiery inspiration and confidence of the warrior as he proclaims his sovereignty and divine right of birth.  And now, here in Taurus, we can deeply appreciate settling and grounding into the earth of this Venus-ruled sign.  In a manner of speaking, here is where we can enjoy the spoils of our conquests and efforts.  And so this celestial lesson offers the possibility of deepening our connection to the things that we value, examining what brings us material happiness and security.

What we surround ourselves with, represents the things that we value.  This includes not only the tactile, material things, but also the company we keep, the food we consume, how we spend our money and approach finances, and the words/language we use to express ourselves.  We can come to assess those things that bring us comfort, pleasure, and a sense of stableness, but the balancing act here is to reconcile our desire for stability and comfort, with the ever-present reality that at any moment anything can happen (Scorpio), and all may be stripped away**… Ahhh, the brilliance and conundrum of living in a finite world full of infinite possibilities!

Our ride through Taurus, presents our first look at how existence itself has now been given a layer of complexity.  Okay so first, we each get a body (Aries), now what?  Well, we’ve got to provide our physical existence with food, shelter, clothing, etc. and any number of embellishments therein, that we may enjoy and more fully experience what this earthly dimension has to offer.  Venus, or Shukra, is the “Guru of the Asuras,”—the forces within us that are driven primarily with the themes of this material plane of existence, and thus they often have to do with understanding our urge to fulfill worldly desires.  So in Taurus we take time to enjoy the good things in life—comfy home, warm bed, beautiful accoutrements, delicious foods, those extra indulgences that our hard work has brought forth!  So this is a great time for nourishing ourselves with extras: splurges on food items that are extra nutritious (things we wouldn’t usually spend on), vacation indulgences that perhaps hold an exotic flair of aesthetic pleasure, time out/time off, self-care indulgences (that might actually be quite needed), all-in-all spoiling ourselves just a little bit more than usual.  But while exploring the pleasure dome of Venus’ Taurus, there is the lurking Calypso, seeking to hold captive the journeying hero from his spiritual quest.  We can easily become completely bewitched by the pleasures and comforts this world has to offer, but as the Odyssey reflects, the spiritual hero within us all, wants to move on…

Thus, within this Yin-Yang dance of Taurus and Scorpio, we may be brought to situations where we can assess—what “things” are really important to me? what do I find myself valuing most in life? what “things” are actually becoming more and more baggage—a heaping pile of attachments that are actually acting as an impediment to the transformations that the Spirit within me is seeking?  So here, we have the opportunity to harmonize the stability and security we want for ourselves (Taurus), by learning non-attachment from these materials so that we may continue to discover what we truly value in life (Scorpio)… and it is an ever-ongoing process… As we continue to mature in our work with the energy of Venus, we come to learn about the essence of value itself.  We become more refined in our relationship to the good things in life, allowing room to experience the softer, sweeter, pleasurable side of life, but without having to pay a price that compromises on the essence of who we are—fully maintaining our integrity, dignity, and sovereignty.  Now that’s the good stuff!

Bottom Line:

This phase is a great time to allow room for enjoying the good things in life, but while doing so there is the opportunity for connecting to a more expansive dimension by exploring what one really values in life.  Have I found that delicate balance of enjoying stability and the comforts of life, while remaining open to the ever-flowing currents of change and transformation?

Blessings for a most beautiful lunar phase!

* In order for this to happen, it would mean that the Sun has just barely entered Taurus as well (today is May 15th, 2018).  Compare this to our current, mainstream interpretations of Western Astrology, which suggests that in about a week from now, the Sun will be moving out of the sign of Taurus, and beginning to enter the sign of Gemini (that would be around May 21st, 2018).  This is an example of how the data collected by our scientific community, and the information upon which the metaphysical community is making its interpretations, is not in resonance, but in discord.  More on this in the coming weeks…

** Scorpio is on the opposite side to Taurus, showing the balancing axis or Yin-Yang that brings this lesson to completion, and so represents the culminating point of this phase.  It is also where we have the full moon in a fortnight’s time.  As in the previous footnote, there is a discrepancy between Vedic Astrology, which uses current astronomical phenomena, and the mainstream western astrology, which places the sky and celestial bodies back to where they had been around 2 CE.

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