With the new moon in Aries, April 15th, we usher in the new astrological year!

With the fiery enthusiasm of Aries there is a strong impulse to charge forth with “head down, eyes lowered” into the blossoming landscape of Spring.  Most definitely an auspicious energy to bolster the start of new projects, adventures, new fields of interest/study, entering into new ways of being, and really, just a great time to reset—but the caution is to be weary of running into walls…

This lunar phase sets the beginning of the new astrological year, as Aries is the first sign of the “Natural Zodiac”—reflecting the energy of rebirth, and a fresh new start.  Aries is like the sapling bursting forth from the seed, the hatchling breaking through the egg, a baby emerging from the womb… All beings embarking upon this new birth stand in total confidence as they declare, “I am here world!” and fully acknowledge that it has everything it needs to fulfill its mission here in this lifetime.  So as we return to the cycle of Aries, we have the opportunity to bravely, and sure-footedly step into the dawning of a new beginning, once again reconnecting to an empowered vitality—regaining our purpose, inspiration, and confidence.  And so we may notice a refocusing on personal/individual projects/ambitions/goal, as Aries is an energy of connecting to one’s personal courage, and ability to act.

However, in the self-confidence of Aries, there can be a tendency for being head-strong, impulsive,  or even self-centered, aggressive, and domineering—and is thus considered a malefic energy as it can project an “I am first/best/only” attitude when less developed or unchecked.  And this, again, is due to Aries being the first sign of the Natural Zodiac, for the first sign carries with it the energy of our life’s first challenge and triumph—the experience of the birthing process itself!  In our birth, we essentially underwent our first severe trauma where we had to muster up our total courage to survive and live on.  For unless you experienced an underwater birth, the water breaking caused an immense vacuum effect to jolt you from the cozy perpetual hug you were nestled in, in your mother’s womb, leading you to be sucked into an unknown vortex through which you had to be squeezed out as through a tube of toothpaste, to enter into an outlandishly frigid world, then to be slapped on the ass and forced to gasp in gulps of ice cold breath!  But to this you responded with a blood-curdling battle cry: “WAHHHHHHHH!” so as to say, “F#@% YOU! YOU CAN’T STOP ME!”  And this is the essential energy of Aries.  It is the warrior within us all that completely recognizes its ability to do what it takes to fulfill its mission here in this world.  And in a life and death situation, it boils down to you or the other guy—the fight mechanisms in the body kick into full gear having decided that it’s going to be you—whoever (or whatever) the “other guy” may be.  So through a better understanding of the nature of this energy, we can recognize where to allocate it in our lives to gain benefit, and when to keep this energy at bay—as it can actually create havoc and destruction (especially in the area of our relationships).  For instance, when we use this energy in our communication with others, it can be argumentative and fracturing—perhaps beneficial for a litigator, but maybe not so much amongst our loved ones…

And as we experience the Moon’s journey through the Ecliptic to reach the full moon in Libra on April 29th (“why have I heard the full moon is in Scorpio this month?”) we will experience the lesson of this lunar phase adventure in its entirety.  The full moon, of course, is when the Sun and Moon are opposite each other, and the side of the Moon that faces the Earth is fully illuminated by the light of the Sun.  This in itself is an important energetic principle.  In essence, the Moon is our awareness of our human experience (consciousness), how it feels to be alive/exist, and so for this reason is inseparable with the heart/emotions—for our feeling sense is the deepest, most beautiful part of organic, human life—without this piece, we might as well be robots… So as we come upon “full conscious illumination” in Libra, we have the opportunity to have that “aha moment” of this cosmic lesson—for in Aries we are motivated to focus on our own personal embodiment—the first truth of our existence (the first house is also the first house of dharma), but through this culminating point in Libra we realize the importance of connecting with others—potentially seeing that the ‘me’ and the ‘you’ are just different shades that make up the whole picture of ‘us.’  In a less conscious state of being, however, there may be a slight amnesia to the fact that we are all “the One”—that we are all the main characters, heroes & heroines, of the greatest novel ever cosmically written.  This remembrance is the highly evolved energy of Libra—my needs, desires, goals weighed equal to another’s.  And as we continue into the dawning of the newly reemerging paradigm that again acknowledges the truth that we live in a wholly interconnected universe where even a single blade of grass plays its ever-significant role in the universal drama, we can come to see that all beings are energetically equal—whether one be an ant or elephant, a manual laborer or the figure-head of a politically powerful nation…

And finally, though it is indeed a new beginning, all new beginnings come from the culmination of many endings, as well as lessons still in process—the blood, sweat, and tears of these lessons becoming the fertile soil that nourishes and nurtures this new moment of rebirth.  For when we are not conscious of the interrelationship of endings and beginnings, there can be a tendency to unfortunately forget all that we have journeyed from to get to this point of rebirth—making it that much easier to remain in the miasma of Samsara, the Cycle of Birth and Death, remaining stuck in an abysmal limbo that eventually spirals downward.  And without this awareness, we can easily get caught up in the excitement of taking action and starting new adventures here in Aries, and become carried away in mindless action that can turn into distraction and escapism.

So to gain deeper insights of what is to come in this rebirth, it is helpful to reflect back to the cycle of Pisces now being completed.  Here we have a strong awareness of endings, a distinct feeling of shedding/letting go, and when consciously aligned we can better understand what big lessons are being brought to completion—allowing us to make space for the new to come.  This can be super exciting, of course, but also very challenging or painful, as any transformative transition can be a big shift in consciousness, stirring up so much from the deepest parts of our being.

The Bottom Line: 

This lunar phase is a tremendous time to reconnect to our own personal creative intelligence, and unique spiritual gifts.  It is also a great time to embark on something new, and to be adventurous in a celebration of rebirth.  And as the Moon moves through the ecliptic to reach full moon in Libra, we can deeply connect to the bigger picture of self-identity as inseparable to our interrelationship with the collective.  And seeing the new seeds of our life sprout in this cycle of fruition, it is also a very important time to acknowledge all that we’ve been through, and what has been offered to the soil of the past to nurture and nourish this time of new life and growth.

Happy Rebirth!

(Note: In Vedic Astrology, all dates are based on current astronomical phenomena, so for those that follow Western Astrological dates, you may see a discrepancy)

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