“The Whole Secret of Existence, is to have no fear.”

This site was created to support those who are on the journey of self-mastery.

I extend to you the guidance, support, and resources that I have gathered through my own journey.  For why walk the path millions have embarked on before you as though you were the first?  Since you are an extension of this ancestral path, you will never have to walk it alone.  Thousands of years of human experience is available to you, and here in these pages I share with you what I have learned, and the experiences that I have had the opportunity to live.

My methods seek to realign us to the cycles and rhythms inherent in nature, the cosmos, and within ourselves.  For who we ‘truly’ are is a reflection of this very same nature and cosmos.  And so, you will see a great deal of my sharing is infused with the knowledge of the stars and planets through the ancient teachings of VEDIC ASTROLOGY, as well as what I have learned from working with the plants and medicines of Mother Earth.

Through my own journey I have experienced the redemption of reclaiming my life, my power, and my destiny.  I became more than what I was raised and programmed to believe were possible in my life, and I came to see the world in a wholly new way.  Through this process of unraveling, I was able to reconnect to the inherent beauty and magic that is all life, and return home to our greater human family.  And this is what I wish for you.  Haux.

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